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Apk editor pro for Android

Name: Apk editor pro

Description: Apk editor pro application enables one to hack, modify, customize and edit any app files downloaded from an application store or that is transferred from a computer. The app is for anyone who wants to change some parts, features or aspects of the app on their phones in order to make them satisfying and enjoyable. You can use the application to change the features of the APK file, replace the background image, remove ads from the app and so on. This application was created and developed by Steelworks and released on the 4th of February, 2016.

Offer price: Paid

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Tools

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Key Features

  • ✓ The freedom from ads in application hence stops loading ads in any app.
  • ✓  The removal of permissions that are unwanted
  • ✓ It enables small code editing
  • ✓ The ability to change background images and replace it with another.
  • ✓ The support of the patch features ✓ The editing of the application’s data is supported


  • – Consists of Full Edit,  Simple Edit, and Common edit
  • – Most APK files are compatible with the app
  • –  Editing is supported on this app
  • – Shows and explains guides and  editing examples


  • – Possibility for the app to experience slowdown
  • – Knowledge and understanding of APK coding required
  • – Requires backup of APK file to be edited
  • – Possibility of APK modifying  breaking devices

Apk editor pro How to Install and use :

The use of this app is quite complex, hence it is necessary to understand the steps and details on how to install and use the app. Follow this process below:

Click on the Download button or: 

Search for the app on the Android app store and download

Go to your device setting and enable unknown source installation

Go to your file manager and open the file downloader location.

Click on install

Open the app

Allow the app access to all your apps and media.

Start using the app

How to use apk editor pro?

   Here we will look at the various uses of the app and steps for each of the use.

Modifying application name

  • Here we will use an example of the app named ” APK creator “

  •  To modify the app name, we have to select the app we want to modify by clicking on “Select Apk from App”. Then select “APK creator”

  • Next, you click on “‘Full Edit”

   • After that, you will see three tabs in the editing activity, “String” tab which is selected by default, input “creator” to search the target string item, and “matched items”.

   • The next thing to do is to click on the item to change it to your favorite string. 

    • Click on save in the upper right corner. After some time, you will see a notification about the place the modified apk saved.

    • You can now install the modified app using a file explorer.

Changing the  Background Image

• To replace the background of the app we want, select it by clicking on “Select Apk from App”. Then select “APK Creator”, and then you click on “Full Edit”.

• After that, you click the “Resource” tab when the editing activity appears, and then and then you click on “activity_main.xml”.

• When the “activity_main.xml” opens, you will notice that the background image is “bg”

• Go back to the “drawable/ res” folder, and then input “bg”. Click at the search icon to search files that contain “bg”.

• When the search result shows, find the file name like “bg.jpg”, “bg.png”, note that path and then browse the main editing page in order to replace it.

• We browse to the res/drawable folder and make a long click on “bg.jpg”  to replace it.

• Then the image will replace, click on the Save button. And then finally, you will see a notification on the place the modified apk is saved.

     With these few steps explained, you can do other forms on editing like ad removal, move to SD card and so on.


 I will recommend this app to anyone or users. With this app, you can express the capacities of your apps.  It will help you localize your string, re-architect your layout and customize how your app will look compared to their default setting. The frustration of seeing too many ads on your apps which results in slow down during use will be erased entirely. You can then use and enjoy every app on your phone with was and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does apk editor pro do?

The app helps you edit any APK saved on your mobile device. APK Editor allows you to select between two types of editing: FULL EDIT, which allows you to rebuild files from an APK; and SIMPLE EDIT, which allows you to replace files inside an APK.

2. How do I edit an APK file?

 When you open the APK Editor app and select the app icon you want to change. Then select the edit option. Then click the launcher icon section and then choose a file and change your app icon.

3.  Is APK editor pro legal?

APK editor pro is guided by copyright law. If you purchase the app, download it. If you are trying to get hold of a file that  you shouldn’t have , then its illegal

Best Alternatives for apk editor pro

Apk editor has  similar alternatives as explained below:

AIDE – IDE for Android Java C ++

AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) whereby Android apps  are developed directly on the Android device. AIDE provides interactive lessons and instructions on Android app development and Java programming skills. 

To download and install:

 ✓ Download & Install BlueStacks

✓Open the apk file: Double-click the apk file to launch BlueStacks and install the application.

✓After install, just click Run to open it. 

Apk Extractor 

APK Extractor simply  extracts APK already installed on your android device and copies them to your SD card.

To download and install, follow these steps:

✓Go to your app store and search Apk Extractor

✓Click on install

✓Enable and open the app.


 I have highlighted all the installation and downloading procedures and how to use  the Apk Editor Pro. It’s time to go ahead and use this app. I hope you like this app and also share it with your friends. You can now edit, modify and customize your apk files. Enjoy this app.

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