App installer for PC ( Windows 7, 8, 10)

App installer for PC
App Installer For PC

Name: App installer

Description: This is a side loading software owned by Microsoft Corporation introduced during their 2016 anniversary. App installer for PC allows users to users to install and maintain applications. It presents gives information on apps that include Display logo, Name, Publisher and capabilities of apps. With the installer, you will not need to run a power shell but only need to double click the app package.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Tools

Features of App installer

Software Deployment

This is a process of installing software remotely on a multiplier. Software is installed on all computers within the network from a single location hence maintaining updated ready to use version throughout the organization. This ensures that the process of deploying software is cost-effective, not labor-intensive. 


It has a user-friendly interface that involves clicking the graphics. In the background, it is a set of relational databases running on an XML app environment. It is the only windows software capable of installing APX packages which include windows PowerShell and Windows store.

Sideloading of Apps 

When the app is modern and from a trusted source, the installer allows installation without going through the 

Certification process. You are also able to run android apps on windows better than emulators.

App Installer app

Package inspection

This is useful in examining and managing network traffic through filtering. The data processing allows data that is being sent over a computer network. This happens before loading of apps to the PC.

Package Manager for Windows Installer

This helps manage the software available to a user. To add or modify packages and retrieve information about applications.

Optional Packages

These are additions that can be added to the software on a need basis. They may be obtained from the site as downloadable content (DLC) or additional content can be shipped separately from the original app.

  • Launch Apps Immediately
  • Apps are launched immediately.
  • Install Multiple Apps at Once
  • The installer allows you to load various apps at the same time
  • Help, customer support

Microsoft provides support on windows product with in-depth online materials for most of the questions that may arise. There are also comprehensive tutorials on their website. There is help function and various Microsoft vendors who offer technical support.

App Installer for pc

Apps that can be downloaded

All apps related to windows 10, version 1709 and later can be downloaded via app installer. It permits installation, distribution, and deployment of apps and app packages.

System requirements

The app requires Xbox One, Windows 10 to download and in particular14393.0 or higher versions. Other requirements include ARM, X86, X64 architecture. The size of the app installer is 3.77 Mb.

App Installer for Windows

How to install and use in pc

The software is easily installed from Sign in to your Microsoft account. You will need windows 10 to install the app. You will see the app icon on the left and Get it to button on the left. Click on get it.

You may also install the app from a CD on offline machines. App installer can be downloaded from the business web portal for enterprise use.

How to use installer

The the installer in an enterprise environment is used by network managers and system administrators to download and manage apps on behalf of clients. On the other hand, you may also use the installer on a single computer. In most cases, the system requires some technical knowledge to manage apps within a network.

Cautions and recommendations

 The app is very useful and saves time for windows users. It also ensures that the network is centrally managed. 

This is definitely a productivity tool useful for companies and individuals for a lot of IT staff time would be saved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is new in the latest version?

New sideloading apps, installation of multiple apps at once, launch apps immediately after install, app display logo.

Can I remove App Installer?

Yes, you can remove or uninstall App installer if you are having problems in its usage. Ensure you remove all its files from the computer.

What is important in the installation of the installer file?

The app certificate should be trusted. Ensure your device is enabled in sideloading apps or developer mode.  The windows 10 version should support app explorer schema file and distribution protocol

Popular alternatives of App installer

Inno setup

This is free software. It is reliable and works well with the chrome extension. It is programmed in older languages pascal which may be difficult for C and C# programmers to get used to. 

Windows Click on

This works in the Windows environment. It has limited features and offers little control to users. It is programmed for one user

Wix Toolset

This is for windows. it utilizes the command line to compile source code to create MSI and EXE file format. It does not have a graphic user interface. This requires advanced knowledge in software hence not suitable for beginners


The software has great GUI and for novice programmers, it has great visual wizards. The software has five versions to choose from. This is a free installer for Windows that provides MSI authoring, compression, and repackaging. It is owned by InstalAware Software Corporation. This can be downloaded from their website

Nullsoft Installer System (NSIS)

This is a cheap windows installer that has three compression methods.  It also has plugins that allow the user to extend NSIS using C++, Delphi or C plugins.

Install Anywhere

Cross-platform is currently active trial ware developed by Flexera Software and runs on Windows NT, UNIX,-like and Mac OS. 


Nanite is a subscription service based on machine count. It manages Apps for Windows 7 and later that is web-based. It offers interactive real-time views of machines within a network. The app boast of ease on download and automatic updates.

INNO Setup

This app is also for Windows. Developed by Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan after install shield express did not work very well.  It supports Windows Vista and versions that came later.  It is multi-platforms and has integrated scripting engines based on Pascal. 

OneClick installer & Backup

It allows the user to install apps or functions easily.  This is however mostly used for android apps. To use this you need root permission. To use this on PC you need an android emulator app. 

Remote install

It is a built-in tool mostly used in Mac Operating System. It allows host distribution across various individual pcs. It allows for remote installation, updates, set up, uninstallation and audit of software.


App installer for PC is very important for convenience and application management whether within a network or for individual workstations.  You are assured less time while loading, updating or deleting applications within a network.  

It is also secure and you are assured of sufficient support from Microsoft. It, however, needs a technical background for users to effectively manage and use within an enterprise.  There are several alternatives in the market for windows, Linux and Mac Pcs that need to be evaluated on merit based on the intended use and target users.

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