How to bypass school wifi?

School wifi

Students always need to access the school’s wifi regardless of the reason. This is one of the most annoying problems faced by students most often. It could be that you want to access educational content or do it all on YouTube for the same reason. Most often you want to play a game on your laptop and when access is restricted it is still not fun.

You will have an explanation on how to get around the restrictions that your school has imposed on its wifi. As an accompaniment to this one you will have an explanation on how each of them works in a detailed way. You will have an explanation on the use of VPN as the most effective way to deal with the wifi restriction as well as all its alternatives.

The various methods used to bypass school wifi

These methods are as follows;

The method of VPN

Using a VPN is efficient because it is the experience way to have uncensored internet. The VPN will serve as an intermediary because it is a program that allows you to connect to a distant server for internet traffic. The school on the other side will not have you connected to its server and will not be able to block your access.

It is very important to note here that, certain advanced security suites already have the possibility of blocking the IP addresses of VPN servers which restricts access to the Internet. To counter this, you should select a VPN with more than one or two servers to choose one or the other in case it happens. You are surely asking yourself which VPN to use;

Which VPN to use

NordVPN is the one that is the most recommended by the users because having more than 5200 servers distributed all over the world, It will be impossible for your school to block your access to the internet no matter how you handle it. NordVPN is available for operating systems like iOS and android.

It is possible to download it in platforms to which you have easy access with your laptops. This application is even better than ExpressVPN because it allows up to 6 connections in simulators. With NordVPN, you will be entitled to several advantages apart from bypassing the Wi-Fi restrictions of the school.

The advantages offered by NordVPN are great

  • Access to Netflix American version which has more content. NordVPN will allow you to have this Netflix no matter where you are.
  • Covers those who value their privacy. NordVPN will use AES-256 to help you encrypt all your traffic. Banks use this traffic to protect their customers’ data.
  • Dedicated P2P servers so it has you will be able to download torrents at fast and safe torrent speeds.

NordVPN is ideal for student who wishes to have access to their school wifi. All those who used these methods were all satisfied with the outcome.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is considered the star of the VPN market at the moment. Its reputation is not in vain, because it is better on the VPN market. They are not least in terms of the price, but they offer a quality service that is worth the price.

They have applications for operating systems and dedicated applications such as iOS and Android. It is very easy to use and download. It has the connection capacity of up to 3 devices at a time.

2. The method by DNS server

Most schools use DNS to block certain domains. They always do it despite the fact that it is rare in the current time where everyone knows how to control their internet connection.

Schools do this several times, that is to say the protection linked to their domain name servers. It generally uses DNS to block certain domain access from its server. You have the possibility of circumventing these restrictions using two very effective methods.

  • Use the IP address of the website in question

This means is very effective and easy to use because it consists in using the IP of the Web site to be able to connect it to make opposition to the domain name. This method can be redundant when it comes to Facebook and YouTube because it has several IP addresses.

  • Use another DNS server

Try the trick a bit; use another DNS server to counter the school’s Internet restriction. Google has a comprehensive guide to a better way to switch to Google, DNS apart from their website.

You have surely noticed that this method is less complex and easy to use than the other methods.  Beginners can easily use this method to hack a wifi of his school to have free access to the internet.  

3. The method by a Proxy Website

This method works exactly like the first method above that the VPN. The only difference is at the level where you don’t need to have a VPN. You no longer need to use it to hide your internet connection.

Use the method of hiding tabs, that is, use it to mark certain tabs on your laptop. This will allow you to browse the web like you never had any restrictions. Use the “Hide My Ass” service which in itself is a very well-known VPN provider. It has the possibility of allowing you to browse the Internet through a Proxy.

The use of Hide My Ass is a good idea for those who do not have access to school Wi-Fi and do not have the possibility of having access to their VPN.

4. The method of IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the fastest methods of bypassing wifi restriction. The testers did not hear any disagreement about its use. With IPVanish, you have the possibility of having their services on all platforms and mobile devices of your choice.

The thing that you will certainly like is the fact of being able to have more connection simultaneously with IPVanish. More than 60 countries have the possibility of having a large shade of servers since it has more than 1200 servers alone. That said, IPVanish is a solid option for students around the world who would like to bypass the restrictions on school wifi.

Security question, this method is very good, but concerning the protection of privacy, caution is required. IPVanish is American therefore subject to the law of this country. The president has almost not paid attention to this security measure since his rise to power. But it is good to know as a user that you should beware.

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As mentioned above, you have three possible and reliable ways to bypass your school’s wifi. Your school may impose restrictions on its internet connection, but with the use of one of these methods, you are sure to be safe from any restrictions. Always keep in mind that the first method of VPN may not be as reliable as you might think.

If you bring your laptop or laptop to school for a connection, try downloading NordVPN and enjoying a smooth Internet connection no matter where you are. At the end of this lecture, you should be able to bypass a school wifi.

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