Cam-Scanner For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Cam-Scanner For PC
Cam Scanner for PC

Name: Cam-Scanner

Description: Cam-Scanner For PC is an app on mobile devices that works as image scanner on iOS and Android devices, Kaspersky Lab on August 27, 2019 found out that the newer version of android applications distributed some advertising library which was infected with Trojan dropper, that is also in some app on other China’s mobile devices reinstalled.

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features


  •    Changes any paper, invoice, photo, cards, certificate, mark shit into digital copies
  •    Save and makes an image with copy-write and also with good features for editing, watermark can be added to any picture.
  •    Sync features to get access to any document from any device
  •    Prints to with the nearest printer
  •    Save your files to JPEG and PDF social media and can be shared on social media


Main Features of Cam-Scanner

Cam scanner for pc provides premium service this means you can also enjoy service without ads and water mark OCR feature available for converted pictures into TXT, Words and Excel and also up to 40 collaborations can be added.

10 GB for cloud  storage is provided, place E signature on any documents not that this app is only available for smart phones, it cannot be activated on a computer but CAM SCANNER for Pc can be used through an emulator, the emulator specifically designed for doing this work, it works like an Android system on windows.

There are a lot of Android systems available on the internet all you have to do is make a choice of the one you like most and which meets your expectations.

Updated2019, may 3

How to Download Cam Scanner


Blue Stack emulator, ko players, MEmu players NOX players are one of the best in which they perform perfectly well, and before the action of the app, you should have some requirements they are the only emulator that has the requirement to run smoothly on both Windows and Mac.

CAM SCANNER for pc can also be download using chrome: you would have to acquire the service of an android emulator same as I said above in order to download and activate CAM SCANNER through chrome, you should think of an emulator as a third party software which also allows you to access android app on pc. 

Computer Requirements 

  • 2GB RAM 
  • 4GB Storage
  • Webcam 
  • Best frame work 
  • Latest drivers 


•    Download emulator from the right site on Android
•    Activate the app, note all emulators are similar 
•    You must agree to the terms and conditions of the license, all you have to
do now is click on the button and fully install the app 
•    Open the tools in the emulator and search for play store 
•    You would need a valid Google account to log in and if you do not have
create one 
•    Look out for cam scanner for Pc on play store 
•    After getting result, Download is complete 

Finally you have successfully downloaded and activated CAM SCANNER for PC; you can scan any documents of your choice with a clear satisfactory image. If you want a CAM SCANNER for pc with blue stack then u can download ARC extension freely on available on chrome it is easy to use but make sure you first follow the step and download cam scanner first the simply open the tools and press on apk. The app can also be open on the ARC welder it is straight forward and supports most of the apps. 


F asked Qustion

•    Can CAM SCANNER be used on windows?

Note that the official version for CAM SCANNER although you can install through an emulator      tool, the emulator gives you the ability to use the app on pc 

•    Can data be retrieved on Cam scanner? 

Note that can scammer already provides sync features which can access any documents on any device, CAM SCANNER also does backup for files or data’s 

•    Where can my CAM SCANNER files be found?

All you have to do is search for file name because all file are set accordingly which make it very easy to access.

•    How secured is CAM SCANNER?

You don’t really have to worry about that because all documents can be password encrypted meaning you can save and send files with passwords.

•    What is the cost of CAM SCANNER? 

CAM SCANNER give free and premium version, the premium version takes $5 per month and $50 yearly 

•    Use of CAM SCANNER? 

CAM SCANNER scans hard copy documents and changes them into jpeg and pdf format. Read the article to know more on this.


I have provided all necessary information to help and guide you on how to use Cam-Scanner For PC and how to download, how to deactivate to achieve maximum satisfaction on the usage of CAM SCANNER, do ensure all protocols are followed so that you would enjoy and not be left out of anything.

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