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Canvas Student For Windows PC Mac

Get Canvas Student on your Windows PC and stop overcharges on your phone when using Canvas Student app, stop worrying because with Canvas Student on your pc all this pass away.


Access to grades and course content
Handle your assignment
Let you keep track of course work
Access to the to do list and calendar
Receive and equally send messages
Open to discussion
You can watch videos and take quizzes
Receive new grades and course update


Honestly, No cons found.

Get rid of tiny screen and enjoy the advantage of a much larger display with keyboard and mouse. All this is possible with Bluestack and MEmu, which are popular emulators that permit you to install android apps on PC. Enjoy your app without the fear of battery limitations, mobile data and most importantly disturbing calls.

Install Canvas Student on PC

Download and Install Canvas Student on Windows PC

Now you are going to learn the various method used to Canvas Student in PC

Method 1: Using Bluestacks

As earlier said, bluestacks is an android emulator which will permit us to install Canvas Student in pc step by step.

  1. Start by downloading and installing Bluestacks in your PC
  2. After downloading, open Bluestacks on your pc
  3. After that, with the help of My App button, in the emulator, search; Canvas Student.
  4. When the search result appears, click on it to install
  5. Next, login to your Google account so as to download app from Google Play on Bluestacks.
  6. The installation for Canvas Student will begin afterwards and the progress will depend on your internet connection.

If you having issue while using Bluestacks, simply do the installation for Microsoft .net Framework software in your PC.

Method 2: Using MEmu

  1. Download and install MEmu installer in your laptop
  2. Open MEmu after the installation and open your Google Play account on your desktop
  3. Do the search for Canvas student and click on it to install
  4. Once the installation is over, click on its icon to start the App
  5. Now you can enjoy Canvas Student on Pc thanks to MEmu.

Now that you have the two possibilities that can permit to install and use Canvas student in your PC, left for you to choose the one that fits you. The end result will still be the same and appreciated.

How to use Canvas Student on Windows

Canvas Student For PC
Canvas Student For PC

These are some tips on how to use the app easily and simply.

  1. You can decide to receive your course ” daily ” to avoid floods of e-mail.
  2. Canvas saves exam automatically after 5 minute, so in case you are late you can resume within this period.
  3. Canvas Student usually add updates to ameliorates its function on your PC
  4. Prefer to use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer as browser when using Canvas Student.
  5. The App uses your full name you can change the display name from the setting.
  6. You can use the app to store video and documents of your course
  7. You can edit an image for your profile together with the language

Some alternative to Canvas Student App

Canvas Student alternative For PC
Canvas Student alternative For PC

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is an effective alternative to Canvas Student that you will certainly appreciate. It has a reliable and it’s a foundation of world class learning experience. With this platform, it is possible to increase online learning together with employee engagement. By this, learning outcome will be optimized. This app is essential for driving business results and giving it a more engaging learning environment. Its recent features make it possible for you manage content and foster collaboration with learner.


Schoology has instructional models which includes a hundred percent of online courses with blended learning environment.

With Schoology, you are sure that all students will have access to the same teaching quality regardless to their socioeconomic background. It creates a comprehensive and unified solution for teachers so that they have personalized learning functionality which increases the outcome of students.

It is a good communicational tool which helps in the connection of teachers and students. Here teachers easily collaborate by sharing curriculum in high quality.

Edgenuity Pathblazer

It provides instructions to students with personalized and specific skills with concept that they have yet to master. This entire concept is important because it is determinant for their future success. It provides targeted and specific learning gaps with educational pinpoint that will help all students catch up in math and ELA.

It provide solutions for every students from kindergarten, Edgenuity also help you by providing you with targeted that are necessary for you to move forward. It is so clear and offers clear and easy to read data for teachers to monitor the progress of students.


Edsby is definitely the most comprehensive and the most single data platform and digital learning that is available for school districts. It is a good tool for national government to measure the educational effectiveness of the system. Edsby unlike other digital learning platforms was design specifically for K-12. It is essential for the unique needs of junior and elementary student’s assessment and reporting features.

It has tight connections to a district ‘exiting data and respects the regional policy and terms accompanied with standard and date security that the K-12 requires. The educational system benefit from the reduction of workload because the existing data help teachers and students with tight connections. And as a bonus, Edsby has won more than 50 industry awards and distinctions.


Canvas Student for windows pc is the adequate platform for open, intuitive and born in the cloud Canvas streamline. It contains all the digital tools and content that you as a teacher or a student will appreciate. In other to have canvas on your pc, you need to pass through emulators like bluestacks and MEmu as you could read above. They are not the only emulators adapted for the purpose but are the best. You can equally choose to use one of the alternatives as the choice belongs to you.

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