How to create users in Windows? Bonus By CMD like a Pro

You may need to create multiple accounts for different users if several users are using the same PC. Thus, through windows, you can create multiple users’ account and access your files and folders separately.

It acts as a unique computer for each user. Thus, there is a method to create a user account on the computer. Let’s discuss it.

For Windows 8 and 10:

  • Click on the windows button and choose the control panel. From where you have to click on the User Accounts.
  • By clicking the option of User Accounts again, there appears the Manage another Account option.
  • Click on it, here you can see the existing user accounts. To create a new user, select “Add a new user.”
  • Now, to add members of your family or another person, you have to click on ‘+’.

Create a User By CMD

  • Click Windows icon.
  • Search Cmd and Run as an administrator.

Type add User Command – net user then Your User and then Password like the Code

net user Alex Pass123 /add

Make the user as an administrator

net localgroup administrators Alex /add

See The Screenshot – That is Done 🙂

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