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Flashlight notification apps are apps that help android users to easily see when the day is gone.

With this type of apps, you have the possibility to easily know when there is an incoming calls and SMS in your devices.

You may ask yourself the uses of ringtones though, permit me to tell you that there are some situations where you are such as meetings and classrooms where you need to put your device in silent mode.

Flashlight notification comes into play for you notified in case of new call or sms in your device and therefore becomes handy.

Here you will get a list of various flashlight notification apps that can be useful in your android phone.

Flash Alerts on Call and Alerts Notifications Android

Developer: Flash Team
Price: Free+
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Flash Alerts on Call and Alerts Notifications Android is said to be the best flashlight notification app that is greatly appreciated by internet user in 2021.

It is very punctual when it comes to alert you of a new call or a text message you just receive with a blink.

There are various circumstances when you receive a blink or a flash alert, it may occur when your battery percentage goes below a certain level say 20 or 15%, also for certain particular contact in your list.

As you have noticed you can edit your app in such a way that it blinks when you have decided.

You can for example get a flash alert for a particular reason that you have previously set. It may be a way by which you control the phone mode from the app to normal mode / silent mode / vibrate.

Flash on Call and SMS Android

Flash on Call and SMS Android Is an app which permit you to have control on the phone mode within the app that is you can change the phone from normal mode / silent mode / vibrate.

You can equally turn all Flashlight Notification App for Android alert to ON or OFF easily with no stress accompany with the possibility to turn the flash alert ON or Off LED.

This flash notification is adequate for smart notifications for all your incoming calls, notifications and sms. This app gives you the possibility to set flashlight alert when your phone is locked.

Other reasons why you can set flashlight that you can set the numbers of flash alerts on your missed calls or messages .The speed duration of the flashlight can also be set by users.

Flash alert Android

Flash alert Android Is a flash alert notification app that permits its user to get flash alert for incoming calls and messages.

It also notifies you when you have notification of app like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and others. This app is a great advantage for those who love to put their phone on silent mode.

All they do is set the alert and the flash notifies them in case of recent call and sms. An advantage that this app offers is that it available for more than 200 countries with the capacity to support more than 75 languages.

This permits a huge and more number of users for the app.

This app is very useful in hospitals, meeting or in any zone that requires silent and equally in noisy area. A non-negligible advantage is that the app can help you find your phone in the dark with its flashlight alert.

Color Flash Light Alert Calls and SMS colors Android

Color Flash Light Alert Calls and SMS colors Android are a great app that will flash on any new incoming call or SMS.

The app will equally flash when you receive call on silent mode it can also flash when there is a new notification from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatApp and so on.

You can also use the app to test your flashlight. This app is battery friendly and does not delay to notify you each time you receive a notification with a flashlight alert.

You will enjoy the app because it easy to use and also ah its name indicates it provides you with color flashlight alert that you can set its frequency and color for various apps. Change the color of the flashlight as you wish.

Flash Notification Android

Flash Notification Android is none as the best flash light app since 2019. It is good and adequate for incoming call and SMS.

With this app you won’t miss a new notification anymore because of its effectiveness. You will be deprived of any benefits you will have by using this App. When you receive a new notification, whether it is an incoming call or other notification, this app is applied at time to alert you.

You can also have control over the mode of use of your phone and change it as you wish from silent mode through vibrating to normal.

The reporting speed can also be changed from the app and you can also turn it off just by pressing the power key on your device.

Automatic Flash On Call & SMS Android

Automatic Flash On Call & SMS Android is a flashlight alert app that you will appreciate for its effectiveness and punctuality.

Use the app to regulate the blinking frequency together with the disable / Enable Flash Alert in any with just a click.

With this app you also have the advantage that it allows you to modify the user of your phone apart from your app.

So, switch to silent modes, through vibrating mode and general mode of your phone being in your app.

Another option is also available to you which is to deactivate the flash alerts when your battery is almost unloaded or is about to do so.

You have the possibility to choose a flash notification alert mode from several ones available in the app for your incoming notifications.


So, the above are some best and selected flashlight notification app for android that you will appreciate and love to use in your android.

All this apps will certain and surely help you by blinking flash alerts whenever you have a new notification in your smartphones.

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