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HMA Pro VPN For Android
HMA Pro VPN for android

Name: HMA Pro VPN

Description: HMA is a product of Privex Limited, a UK-based company. HMA VPN for Android is one of the top VPN services in the world, trusted by thousands of customers around the world. Start using HMA VPN on your Android device now, and protect your privacy rights, enjoy browsing anonymously, and prevent hackers from hacking your sensitive data.

Offer price: Paid

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Free Tools

  • Setup
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Rating

Key Features:

  • Faster servers
  • Smart Kill Switch
  • Lightning Connect
  • Split-Tunneling
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Speed Test
  • 24/7 support team
  • DDoS protection
  • Automatic connection rules
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Decent speeds
  • 190+ countries
  • Device and router support
  • Customer service


  • Expensive on the short term

HMA Pro VPN is an application that protects all your information from third parties, allowing you to remain anonymous while browsing the Internet. You can hide your IP address and choose a server from over 100 different countries. To use HMA Pro VPN, you need to buy a subscription, something you can do directly from the app. So, unlike other VPN applications, you have to pay before using it. And before purchasing a subscription, you can confirm that you have chosen the service through a free 7-day trial.

Features Of HMA Pro VPN App:

P2P-optimized servers

Nothing hurts a good torrent when you need to move files in bulk. However, the use of P2P technology can expose you. HMA’s specialized P2P servers will at least mask your IP address while having no impact on your speed.


No matter if you use Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone, there is a version of HMA that you can use to keep it private and secure. If you don’t feel comfortable having 5 devices connected at a time, just add the HMA to your router and cover all the devices connected to it.


The HMA VPN includes built-in protection against IPv4, IPv6 and other DNS traps. We use our own log HMA DNS server to handle all your DNS requests, which makes you private and encrypted and protects you from harmful malware and sites.

Access to the world

With servers in 20 locations spread across 5 countries, HMA puts the world in your hands. With such extensive coverage, you will never be able to access such content and there is no block that can come your way.

IP Shuffle

Don’t publish your online name. It shuffles your IP addresses anywhere from 10 minutes to once a day – you choose. Trackers won’t be able to hold your IP address from any of our 290  locations to the IP address.

Encrypted server

HMA servers are protected with the same 255-bit encryption used by its own protocol. It doesn’t matter where our servers are located: it’s a hacker, a thief, a server custodian or law enforcement – nobody has access.

Install HMA Pro VPN App for PC:

  • Go to the link.
  • Click on Download.
  • Right-clicking the setup file and select “Run as Administrator.”
  • To allow this app click on “Yes.”
  • Select your preferred language and click OK.
  • Select “I accept the agreement ” and click on NEXT.
  • Click Browse to determine where you want to save the App.
  • Then click on NEXT.
  • And then click on Install. It takes a few moments to install.
  • Finally, click on Finish.

Now, you are ready to connect with HMA Pro VPN on your PC.

Install HMA Pro VPN App for Android:

  1. Run your Android device.
  2. Open Google Play Store.
  3. Search for HMA
  4. Click on Install.

After completing the install, you are ready to connect with HMA Pro VPN on your Android device.

How to Use HMA Pro VPN App:

To connect

  • Open HMA VPN
  • If you’ve already purchased a subscription, click on ALREADY PURCHASED. (If you want to purchase a subscription, then click on PURCHASE SUBSCRIPTION and follow the steps.)
  • Click on LOG IN.
  • Then, Enter your email or username and password or the license key.
  • To protect your connection, turn the ON switch by sliding the OFF switch.

To cancel a continuous subscription

  • Log in to the HMA VPN control panel, and you will see CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.
  • Click on it.

It will just cancel your continuous subscription option, but the subscription will remain active until your expiry date.

Alternatives For HMA Pro VPN App:


NordVPN combines features with top connection speeds across a large server network. The user-centric aspects of the service include easy-to-use applications and excellent 24/7 customer service, along with faster response times than you would typically find with an HMA. Its traffic is protected with 2048-bit encryption, and all applications have a kill switch and DNS leak protection. NordVPN does not maintain user logs at all. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new users.


With its low cost and unique remote installation help, PrivateVPN VPN is an excellent choice for beginners. It does not keep any user logs, and you can offer up to 6 device protection features with a subscription. The server network is not vast, the number is about 100, but these servers are spread across 56 countries worldwide. PrivateVPN uses secure encryption and can easily unlock geographically-restricted content. For its price, it is a significant service, which is why customers love it.

IPvanish VPN

IPvanish VPN HMA has a similar subscription plan, both charge a reasonable amount for high-quality service, but the longest subscription is available for one year. However, IPVC’s year-long contract is significantly cheaper than HMA’s. IPvanish VPN’s over 1000+ servers over 60 countries eliminate any risk of third-party interference. It secures up to 10 devices with only one subscription at a time. The new ownership assures users of a rigorous no-log policy going forward, but we have not been able to verify the claim.


With a network of nearly 5,700+ servers in 90 countries, CyberGhost remains one of the best values for premium VPNs. Significant discounts make it more affordable for long-term customers. If you subscribe for 6 months or more, your plan will be backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee. CyberGhost uses military-grade encryption and does not keep user logs. Cross-platform applications are easy to use, including a kill switch and leak protection, and use the secure OpenVPN protocol by default. Up to 7 concurrent connections are allowed with one subscription


How effective is HMA VPN?

Any HMA subscription plan comes with the following essential features: 930 VPN servers in 280 locations in 190 countries. Five devices can be connected simultaneously. It Supports essential protocols such as OpenVPN, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TPP) VPN.

Can Google track me if I use a VPN?

Now, no VPN will stop Google from targeting you with ads created by fraud, but if you’re like the millions who care about their privacy, you can use VPN to hide your identity. Google or this topic, anyone tracking or monitoring your online activity cannot identify you as a user.

How will HMA Pro VPN protect my identity?

A virtual private network employs multiple proxy connections located in different countries of the world. By rooting your IP address through these servers you are basically anonymous. This enables you to access content that may be restricted to other locations.

Is free VPN safe?

It is really safe to use those free VPNs. However, such services can be slow and unreliable.


HMA VPN is one of the best VPNs today. The only downside is the price because the 30-day money-back guarantee is the only chance to test-run the service. All aspects of this VPN service prove their worth. Speed ​​is fine, the VPN network is one of the largest in the world and it will take you some time to find a vast amount of free content that is presented to you. Lastly, HMA VPN is a classic that we usually recommend to people who are looking for a very comprehensive online security solution that offers more than a larger VPN.

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