How to Do Anonymous Browsing?

Your information will be left exposed to the website owner by doing normal Web browsing. You can secure your private information by doing invisible web searches. Here are some of the tips of privacy for doing anonymous browsing.

Web proxy 

There are various free anonymous proxy servers that enable you to hide your IP address and also allows the browsing of the Web anonymously. One of these free proxy Servers is Hidester.

VPN connection 

It is somehow similar to the web proxy but it is more useful in those situations where you want complete encryption of information. Apart from anonymous browsing, VPN also allows file sharing, messaging, etc.

Privacy-minded Web browser 

Certain privacy-minded servers encrypt the traffic and hide your web surfing habits such as the Tor browser. This browser provides encryption of traffic and routes it through different servers.

Secure search engine 

If you want to keep your search history private and also to block the advertising trackers, use secure search engine for searching the web such as DuckDuckGo.

Avoid public Networks

Always try to avoid public Wi-Fi networks. It is difficult to know about the one who is monitoring the traffic on the network. Avoid connecting to the Wi-Fi unless it possesses a modified encryption method like WPA2

Turn on browser’s private mode

Always use private mode to prevent tracking of the web pages that you have visited.

Delete cookies whenever necessary

Cookies keep records of the login information to have easy access to your online account. Sometimes, other websites may also gain access to expose your information and your searches.

These are the most effective ways to do anonymous browsing. Hope you like it. For further understanding, visit the link below and enjoy its video format.

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