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school WIFI:

Students tend to want to access school wifi at any time. This therefore pushes the security of the school to impose restrictions on the internet access of the school. This restriction reduces or completely prevents all access to it. In order to thwart these measures and have access to wifi, you will discover here the methods of circumventing these restrictions. You can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your device to access sites such as Instagram and Sound Cloud while in school.

It will thus create a secure link between your device and the VPN school servers. Your internet data pass through the VPN tunnel after being connected. Once the connection is encrypted, the school, from the network, will not be able to know the websites you are visiting.

Method to get on school wifi

Finding out how to get around the school’s Wifi will bring us back to the VPN. With a VPN, it is possible for you to bypass all the restrictions and connect to the school’s wifi without worry.


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This VPN is ideal for those who need wifi to bypass restrictions. Its security service makes sure that you bypass the restrictions without fear of being tracked by the IT manager of your school. The security provided by NordVPN is reliable and necessary for your workaround. This security gives you the opportunity to protect your personal information without fear. It can also keep you out of detention.

It is simple and user-friendly and allows you to bypass the wifi of your school easily because it has quality service which is extraordinary. You can use NordVPN with your smartphone, your desktop computer and you have the possibility to connect to 21 different countries in the world. Make your dreams come true by logging on to Netflix and watching drama in the classroom.

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If HD streaming is your strength at school instead of teaching lessons, ExpressVPN is ideal for you. Try to bypass the school’s wifi restrictions by using this method and you will not be disappointed. In terms of speed and security ExpressVPN is the best it implies that you no longer have any problem for downloading movies and video clips online in complete security. We do not encourage illegal downloading of unpaid content, but if that is what you want and like doing this is the ideal VPN for this.

Access your Facebook account and all social networks at school using ExpressVPN. It helps you to unlock the restriction on your favorite school website. Stay in touch with friends, family and acquaintances being at school. An escape from time to time will entitle you to a little fun rating at school. It has the ability to hide your IP address and also encrypts traffic while returning it via one of the 160 secure VPN server locations it has.

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Private Internet access

This is ideal for shadow shaper. If you want to bypass the school’s wifi without being taken by the IT manager, go for this one. It includes in itself a good amount of servers that have no logs so do it completely incognito. The private Internet Access is VPN also known as PIA can protect you against unexpected data leaks from the school. It has the protection capacity with serious functionality such as integrated kill switch.

Bypassing wifi has never been easier, especially when you are playing school administration with the PIA VPN. With this app, you can safely navigate privately on the school’s wifi. The advantage is that you remain anonymous and secure during your use because the app has the functionality of hiding your IP address which makes all traffic to you impossible.

It easily unlocks the restricted content and gives you the right to the website which you could not imagine at school.

Hide me

It could be the most popular on the market in particular in the United States, Australia, Asia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and many others. This Malaysian company worked very well with regard to the VPN. It produces secure and fast VPNs for the users who are each satisfied.

What makes this provider strong in my opinion is that it accepts bit coins and offers the best in terms of data encryption. Its slogan should be “ join us other users and browse the internet without fear with Hide. Me VPN ”.

Powerful VPN

If we can advise you to trust its name, then we will describe it as reliable powerful for its reputation in VPN. His experience, which is twenty years in the field, gives him an incredible reputation. Many have trusted powerful VPN and have not been disappointed.

It offers a VPN without newspapers which is powerful enough as its name suggests bypassing internet restrictions not only at school, but also in countries such as China, Syria, etc. Imagine that it is good for circumventing the security measures of the government how many times that of a school. The coding of your high school IT specialist will only be butter for you.

No longer fear and use the internet at school without restriction with the speed it takes.


If you want to surf on websites that has school restrictions like Facebook, intagram, YouTube etc. Use Hidemyass to bypass any school restrictions. The hidemyass gives you the possibility of circumventing any blocking made by the IT specialists of the school.

So you will have the right to the content of your choice after applying the user techniques. You use it using the IP address of a third country to access the content that has been restricted to you. You have the option of having restricted access as if you were not at your school.

With hidemyass you act completely incognito because when many illicit activities are noticed in the traffic, the VPN encrypts your data and prevents that one notices you.


It is a universal VPN service and can run on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS. It is possible for any person to use this app everywhere because it has been designed in a very professional way. You can use with ease at school to bypass wifi safely.

First set up TunnelBear on your Mac or any other device at home before taking it to school. Do this to avoid the restrictions that may be made by the school IT to prevent you from installing it.

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Several schools are not yet aware that Facebook, YouTube and social network are not only made for entertainment. All of these social media also contain educational content. There are schools which should be at the forefront of things and lift any restrictions on these so-called not educational useful sites.

They may be necessary for the education of students at school. This article gives you exactly the different effective ways to unlock restrictions on these websites freely and securely. You will be able to bypass the security services imposed by the IT department of your school.

The restrictions will no longer be child’s play for you because you only have to use one of the methods above and you will not be overwhelmed. These methods are simple to use and very discreet in hiding the IP address of its users.

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