How to hide my IP?

If you want to hide your actual location, access any blocked content, or prevent tracking, then hiding your IP address is the best option for you. Following are the several ways to hide your IP address.

Usage of VPN Service:

It is the best choice to hide your IP address. After signing up with these VPN services, you show others a fake IP address, when you go online from your original location. Moreover, you can get a secure connection and high-speed bandwidth through VPN services.

Usage of Tor Browser:

It is the slowest yet effective method to hide your IP. You use Tor Browsers for searching, communicating, and buying products. Tor Browsers are Chrome, Firefox and etc.

These programs are of no cost, you can easily download Tor Browsers in your PC. Tor Browsers show you anonymous by covering your IP address when you go online. Tor Browsers also offer the surety of your data security and protection.

Usage of Proxy Server:

It is an unsafe method, but re-route your Tor Browsers. Also, there are dangers included in using an open proxy to hide your IP address. Trough these proxy servers, you may face a slow internet connection. Moreover, these proxies are illegal in many locations.

Usage of Free or Public WiFi:

If you want to temporarily hide your original location for long-distances while you are in a hotel, library, lobby, or some restaurant then it is suggested to use their free WiFi. In this case, you can be online by utilizing the IP address of their network.

Hope you understood the ways of how to hide your IP. Stay tuned for further.

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