How to Install a Software on PC (Windows)? – Beginner’s Guide

If you want digital photo editing, video streaming, or anything else, there are different software created by developers. The installation process of any software is dependent upon the type of operating system and software. 

  • Installation Process from CD-ROM
  • Installation process from the web

For Windows, just click the .exe File to install a Software.

#00BEC1Download Exe File → Double the .Exe File → Click Next → Accept Policy then Next → It may ask you additional information → next and then click Complete
** The steps can increase or decrease.

Installation process from  a CD-ROM:

To purchase a CD-ROM was the most common method to install new software from 1990 to 2000. For this method, you just need to put the disc or CD-ROM in your computer. Then by following the instructions, you can install the software. Today, almost no software is using this model and only a few computers may include CD-ROM.

Install a Software on PC

If you Want to Install a Software from Pendrive this is all most the same Way. The Main things is to Install the .exe File

Installation process from the web:

In this era, using the internet is the most convenient way to download and install new software. If you want to install particular software then visit its page and download it by clicking on the button after which you can find the installation file in .exe format on your PC. Thus,

Install a Software
  1. Firstly, download the file by locating it.
  2. Double-click on the file and locate it.
  3. Here, you find the dialogue box. You need to install the software by just following the instructions.
  4. Now, you can open the installed software either from the start menu or the start screen.
Microsoft store

Finding the new Software from Store:

Web search is recommended to install new software. If you are not confirmed about the desired software, then mention the desired tasks in the web search. 

Moreover, you may utilize the Windows store for locating and installing software in windows 8/10. As a result, no additional work is required in installing the software.

Install app From Windows store

So, these are the best ways of how you can install software on your PC. Hope you like it. For better understanding, click on the link below.

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