How to Root a Phone?

Rooting a phone means to have complete control over the Operating system to customize the device as per user’s choice. Rooting a phone is a complex and technical concept but the actual process is quite simple.

Caution: It may violate your Warranty and can break the mobile internal system if you do single false.

How Root Works

There are Some Fundamental step how the boot scripts Works –

  1. Backup
  2. Boot Loader
  3. Custom Recovery
  4. SuperUs
  5. Sucess

By rooting a phone you will get ulmiate access to install Custom Rom, mod apps, karnel and many more things.

Rooting Apps

How Can I root My Phone:

There are many more ways how you can root your phone. But its safer then manual rooting. You can use some popular Rooting apps to root your Phones –

  • Frama Root
  • Baidu Root
  • iRoot
  • KingoRoot
  • One Click Root
  • King root
  • Supersu

There are several steps to complete the tasks. as they are donloaded from unknown source you must got to the setting and allow unknown Source. then enable USB debugging.

There i mentioned several rooting apps if you get that one is not working for you may be the others can help you.

** Do it at your Own Risk. This article is for education purpose only.

After Rooting just install root checker to check if the device is rooted.


Is rooting Legal?

Yes, Its illigal for some of the countries under DMCA.

Does Rooting Void Warrenty?

Yes, Rooting can void you warenty.

Can a Rooting phone be reversed?

Yes, It can be reversed. But technically it is rooted.

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