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Lucky Patcher Apk | Android, iOS, PC / MAC
Lucky patcher apk

Name: Lucky Patcher

Description: Lucky Patcher Apk is an awesome tool that allows you to crack and patch the apps you have already installed on your android smartphone. It allows you to have more control over them than a regular user.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Andorid

Application Category: Tools

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Key Features

  • Adblocker
  • Access to paid app features for free
  • App to system app and vice versa converter
  • APK file extractor to carry out backup
  • App permissions modification

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Lucky Patcher apk helps you to unlock all of the gaming resources, characters, levels and get free unlimited access to in-app purchasesthat you might be looking for.

It has a lot of features that act as a modifier app to give free unlimited access to games and in the Google play store. It is one of the best apps that fulfill your demand in android gaming experience while using the other apps on your android device.

** The Article is For Educational Purpose Only. You can try Patching your own app by Luckypatcher!

Features of Luckypatcher Android App


Lucky Patcher makes it very easy for you to block un-necessary ads that disturb your gaming experience. Unusually, we all think it is very annoying when we are getting deep into the game levels and we get interrupted by the ads that have to finish plying before we can continue our game.

These compulsory ads are nullified by lucky patcher. So, lucky patcher modifies your app to remove or block ads from getting through.

App purchase blocker

Lucky patcher allows access to paid apps for free. Instead of making the purchase before having access to some premium apps, lucky patcher just allows you to experience premium apps and games for free.

It basically removes the in-app purchase verification so it doesn’t stop you from ever accessing them. The lucky patcher has the ability to stop and delete the license verification of premium apps and games.

Games Cracker

Easily, lucky patcher APK cracks many games easily. It allows you to get free coins and gems on lots of games but this may require root access. You might need to root your device before you can enjoy this feature as this is different from removing the app purchase verification. 

App permissions remover

Most apps would always want suspicious permission and lucky patcher removes unwanted permissions from these games or apps. Also, the lucky patcher allows you to uninstall unwanted system or stock apps app and also remove unwanted app permissions from untrusted apps.  

Bypass License verification

Most times, when you download apps and games from third-party websites, you would get license verification error while running them or when you first start them. It often happens when we install an app outside form Google play store or when installing a supposed paid application for free.

In this case, you can use the lucky patcher app to bypass license verification without having to worry about license verification error popping up.

Game hacker

Lucky patcher is one of the easiest apps that allow you to hack many games without being a tech guru. You don’t need to be an experienced person in the world of hacking before you can hack games using lucky patcher. It makes it even easy for you to unlock features, gems, coins, unlimited life and many more.

 Back up feature

With lucky patcher, you would be able to back up patched apps and games so you don’t stand at the risk of losing much of data if your device crashes. You can backup regular android apps and games to your SD card (memory card).

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What’s new on the latest version?

The latest lucky patcher version is 8.6.7 and it enjoys the following new features;

  • There is a new method to patch the in-app purchases
  • There is optimization to provide the app with more stability
  • There are new links and translation updates for easier understanding.

How to Download and Install Lucky Patcher Apk (for Android)

You would not be able to find the lucky patcher app on Google play store because it does not align with the play store policy so don’t search for it over there. For you to download, 

  • You would have to find alternative sources like us to download the file of the official site of Luckypatchr apk on your android device while enabling the unknown sources option from your android setting. If you do not do this, your android device would not allow downloading and installation.
Lucky Patcher setting
Enable Unknown Source
  • You have to know that for you to be able to do all these; you have to be the superuser of your android device because you would have to previously download a rooting app on your device. An app like KingRoot is self-explanatory and would work just fine. You can only find this app on an android device. You can also download it from the official lucky patcher website.

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** Rooting your device may harm your warrenty! So, Do It at your own risk.

  • Once you have done this, open the lucky patcher installer, you will be asked if you really want to install the lucky patcher version. Click on the Yes button, the installer package would prepare the required complements that you would require to install the original lucky patcher app on your android.
  • Because you have previously enabled the unknown sources from your settings you would not need to do it again at this point. If you have not, click on allow from this source, then install by pressing the install button and voila! It’s done.

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How to use the LuckyPatcher Android App

When using the lucky patcher app, you have to first understand the use of the colors highlighting the applications that would be listed. For examples;

  • Green color signifies the apps that have been registered
  • Yellow color represents that there are some specific patched for these applications
  • Blue shows the evidence of Google adverts
  • Purple signifies the app in the startup menu
  • Red shows the apps that cannot be registered or patched
  • Orange shows the system app that the program does not recommend modifying if you want your phone to work properly and not have issues.
Lucky patcher for mac

How to remove verification license

  • Firstly, long press on the app you want to remove the verification license for 
  • Choose the option to remove license verification to remove
  • Click on the automatic mode and allow the patching process to start
  • In case it does not work properly, click the automatic reverse mode or the extreme automatic mode 
  • Restart the application before opening the app.

How to remove an advert

  • Long press the application and click on the remove Google Ads option 
  • Then, restart the application before even opening at all

How to apply a specific patch

  • Long press on the application 
  • Select the apply a specific patch option
  • Restart the application before opening the app to use

Hacking in-app purchases with lucky patcher

  • Firstly, open the lucky patcher APK and look for the Google play store
  • Click on it and tap on the open menu of patches 
  • It would show you a warning that  it is a system app… select ok 
  • After then, select custom pach and select the first one support In-app LVL android vending and click on apply. Reboot your devices before going further.
  • After rebooting your device, launch lucky patcher APK and grant root access, at this point, you may minimize app or close lucky patcher and launch the app which you want to get the pro or paid version of.
  • Go to the purchase option and click on buy pro version/ premium version 
  • Here, the lucky patcher window opens up itself instead of Google in-app purchase box and you will see  do you want to try to get this app for free 
  • Select yes and there you have it!

How to Download Install Luckypatcher for Pc and Mac

Before you would be able to download and run the lucky patcher on your pc, you must have the Windows 7/XP/Vista/8/10. Also, your pc must have a 2GB RAM and 4 GB of disk space that you would use to store all the android apps and games plus their data. Follow these steps if you would like to download the lucky patcher app on your pc;

  • Firstly, download the Blustacks android emulator to your pc, install and run. You would be able to treat your pc like it’s your android phone. You would not find the app on your Google play store so there is not a point in searching for it there.
  • Scroll to the download button, search for the lucky patcher app latest version, download and install it. The app on your pc would allow you to enjoy a wider screen.
Luckypatcher for pc

LuckyPatcher App for iPhone

To download the lucky patcher iOS file to your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps for easier downloading and installation;

  • Download the iOS file on your device to your iPhone and install the application from the official lucky patcher website. After installing, mark the app as a trusted app in the setting. If you do not do this, you would not be able to use the app
  • To do this, go to settings, click on apps, select lucky patcher and mark trust this app 
  • Open the application and you can use afterward

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why can’t I find the app in the Google play store?

This is because the lucky patcher app allows its users to bypass ads and these ads are what brings profit to Google thereby violating the Google play store policy so you can download it from the official website.

Because it is not on Google play store, is it safe?

Of course, it is, if you download from the official lucky patcher website and not from a malicious website that could expose you to such risk

What happens when I change my permissions?

You have to be careful when doing this because you have to go through an unstable method. It edits system file packages and this might even cause some undesirable consequences. Make sure you take a backup system before attempting this.

Can lucky patcher hack all games?

It’s not all games that lucky patchers can hack because these days, many games are based on the internet and they run on their own server so they might not prone to hacks.

Alternatives app of LuckyPatcher

Lulu box

This is a new app in the android market. It is very easy to use and has a wonderful interface. Just like the lucky patcher app, it modifies the game’s interface, modifies the game’s speed and gets hold of free skins for characters.


This is an awesome alternative to lucky patcher that you have to root your device for. You would be able to get hold of unlimited gems, coins, gold or whatever is used as the price for whatever game you are playing.


Very similar to Creehack, you do not need to root your device to run this app. You can simply just install, enable and you just keep making purchases without really spending a cent.

LeoPlay Card

This also does not need you to root your device and it is one of the newest apps on this list. The developers would always recommend that users should not use it to unlock premium functions in online games.

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