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MoboPlayer for pc is an excellent application for playing video content for your Android smartphone. It is very effective as a reader and its interface is so simple and customizable. It is possible for this app to support several video formats, subtitles and several languages as well.

Moboplayer is a player that you absolutely must test. The app is not available for pc but you can download a pc version of the app by using an android emulator.

Moboplayer Features

  • It has a simple design
  • Has a plugin engine
  • It is flexible media player
  • Has a modern style
  • supports multiple formats

How to Download Moboplayer on PC

Moboplayer For PC

 It is important to note that moboplayer is an android app and can only be used or downloaded for pc only via an emulator. Most of these apps available on play store or app store are generally made for mobile phones. So we will show you how to use your best android app on your laptop although it is not officially available for pc.

The best emulator widely used to run android app on windows pc is Bluestacks. This method is all about using Bluestacks as an instrument to install Moboplayer on your pc step by step.

  1. Firstly, downloads Bluestacks for pc
  2. Now install bluestacks on your pc and open it. it is quite easy to do so
  3. Bluestacks may take some time to load but once you have opened it, the home screen is visible
  4. You will find Google play store preinstall in bluestacks. Double click on its icon to open it.
  5. From Google play store, search for moboplayer
  6. once you have seen the app, click on the install button
  7. The app will automatically installed in bluestacks. You can fine the on the list of downloaded app on bluestacks.

After you have followed all the above steps, Moboplay will now be operational on your laptop. You can now use the app in your pc as if you were on your phone thanks to bluestacks.

Main Features of Moboplayer

Moboplayer is a useful app for all those who love to listen to standard videos and various format types of videos.


Moboplayer has a good and admirable interface that let you take control of features like pause, play, fast-forward and rewind buttons. It possesses screen ratios, left and right audio channels. You can adjust from full screen to widescreen easily.

Support many files

Once you are listening to video on your phone, there are some video that doesn’t opens up easily due to its format sometimes MKV files for example. With moboplay, you won’t face this entire situation since it handles as many file as VLC media player.


Although moboplayer has appreciated features, it comes with certain caveats. But to solve this problem, you need to download codec that matches with the app if it encounters some freezes.


You don’t have any reason why you will not use this app. This app is completely free and there is not a premium version completely free.

Moboplayer Download
Moboplayer Download

How to Use Moboplayer

After downloading and installing moboplayer, it’s time to use it.

1. Playing a file

It’s very simple; you just have to do it directly from the application. Once you open the app, moboplayer will then display any video available on your device. Click above to read it with the many reading options it offers.

2. The playlist

To refresh the available video, just drag down to refresh the display. Select the tracks you want to add to the playlist by long pressing then click on Add to playlist or create one if this has not been done. After having created a playlist, it will be proposed to you for the next additions.

3. Manage the parameters

Moboplayer in pc is easy to configure in depth. Click on the parameter menu for further modifications. You can now change the display of your files and manage the playback options. You can equally change and appreciate the appearance of the subtitles while watching. Also modify the appearance of your navigation in the app as well as the folders for your directory.

Alternatives of Moboplayer for your PC

When we talk of alternative, we are certainly searching for apps that have the same or similar features with one we are searching.

 VLC media player

VLC is a best alternative to moboplayer. It is free and open source. It is a cross-platform multimedia player and it is capable of playing most video Medias easily. It plays easily file like DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and many other. It is simple and powerful and fast, it plays everything concerning disc, webcams, and streams.


MPV is an alternative to moboplay based on small MPlayer iconMPlayer and Small mplayer2 iconmplayer2. It more intuitive and introduces more than other apps. It has a control that is directed by movement. It plays various video formats and it easy to use.

MX player

MX Player is the best way you have as alternative to moboplayer you can use to enjoy your movies. With this app you can be able to apply hardware acceleration to videos. An advantage that MX player has is that, it is the first android video player which easily supports multi-core decoding. With this app you can zoom with ease all the videos you are watching.


This is a versatile media player which can play various video format such as TS (also from Technisat Digicorder), VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime among others. You can capture audios and videos and even make screenshots in various ways.

Moboplayer For PC
Moboplayer For PC


Moboplayer for pc is undoubtedly a very powerful player which allows its users to play several existing video formats. The general public loves it because it is compatible with all versions of Android. So with moboplayer, you can play any video on your smartphone or tablet. If you realize that there are videos in your device that won’t open, then don’t hesitate to download this app to play them all as well as AVIs.

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