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With MySword Bible on computer, Bible study has never been so easy and enjoyable. Studying the bible becomes a real pleasure with this online tool from the word of God. Many people who use this app on their phone would also like to use it also on their pc and enjoy its wonders on a bigger screen.

Although the app does not exist for computers, we will offer you some solution to install it in your pc. If you are reading this article it simply means that you are part of it and that you are looking for a solution. The good news is that you can use it by following the next few steps.

key Features of MySword Bible App

  • You have the choice among various bibles off-line
  • You have the comparison of various version of the bible
  • You can have Bookmarks and various verse lit
  • You can type a personal note and insight
  • You do research for various comments on the bible and personal note
  • Full screen mode available
  • You have links to the dictionary view
  • You the choice among two type of text editor for your note.
MySword Bible for pc
MySword Bible for pc

Download and Install Mysword Bible for PC

MySword Bible Download Video

MySword Bible is an android application which needs an emulator to be installed in your pc. Choose an android emulator to do. Here we will demonstrate how to do it with the Nox and Bluestack emulator step by step. With one of these emulator in your pc, your pc will behave like an android and can therefore install Mysword Bible in your pc.

Method 1: Download using Bluestacks

  1. Firstly, be sure to download Bluestack to your pc first to keep things fun and easier.
  2. After downloading bluestack make sure to install it by following the command prompts to do so.
  3. Accept all authorization gold for the installation.
  4. Choose the location of the data for that before choosing any location of your choice then click on next.
  5. After choosing the location it is time for you to install it.
  6. After having completely installed bluestacks, do the search for Google play store
  7. Once done open your Google account
  8. Now in the Google play store application search for MySword bible
  9. Once the results appear click on MySword Bible to install it
  10. Once installed, open the app and have fun with the word of God.

Method 2: Download MySword Bible on PC with Nox App Player

  1. Download and install Nox app player on your pc
  2. Open the folder where the downloaded files are and search for NOx, once you have found the installation of this one.
  3. You will have to wait a moment to allow the program to make the updates available for the good functioning of the emulator.
  4. Now that Nox player is installed on your pc, open it.
  5. Just like bluestacks you must open your Google account on Google play store before you can download MySword Bible.
  6. Once finished with your Google account, search for MySword Bible on play store
  7. At the appearances of the result click on top to install it.
  8. Once the installation is done you can use MySword as if you were on your android but bigger with a mouse.

Benefits of MySword Bible for Windows PC

  1. As a first advantage we have the possibility to use it on a larger screen with improved graphics.
  2. No battery problem that goes out quickly and no mobile data problem.
  3. Key mapping fully supports for the control of mouse and keyboard.
  4. Possibility to have more than one game account on your pc
MySword Bible on Android
MySword Bible on Android

Alternative to MySword Bible

Bible by Olive Tree

This bible app is ideal alternative to Mysword bible because they have nearly similar features. It links your bible reading with the most outstanding comments, map and dictionaries. With this app you should be sure that you will have an in-depth study experience.

This app permit you to take notes, highlight verses, bookmark passages, and do sync to all thee on various devices.

Establish a bible reading plan with the app and your progress will be track by the app as you progress with the program. You can equally use the unique split window to create your own customizes parallel Bible and easily do bible translation and comparison.


We cannot talk of an alternative to mysword without talking of e-sword. E-sword by far the best alternative we can choose to replace Mysword Bible. Here you have bible studies, program, bible translations and many other advantages that it can offer.

You can equally do comparison with other bible version easily with the app. It has an advantage in that it is user friendly and ha rich features.

Bible study is well organized and program followed. In fact it is an adequate app for Sunday school teachers with its great sermon and awesome Bible studies that will be appreciated.

MySword Bible Download
MySword Bible Download

And Bible

And Bible is a similar app to Mysword bible that is equally non negligible. It is an open source and possibility to use it offline. You will enjoy this totally free bible app. You enjoy all the features of this app with no advertisement that will hinder your use.

With this app it is possible to for people from many countries to read and listen to the bible program from this app. Study the Bible easily as possible with the best and greatest personal blessings ever.

It is possible to use the bible offline after you have downloaded and the Christian book has more than 50 languages.


Mysword Bible for pc as you can see above is an android app but we have shown various ways in which it can be used in a pc. You have also seen the list of alternative of the app which can still please every bible learner.

Do not hesitate to download the app and install in your pc for better experience.

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