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Nova Launcher Prime apk
nova luncher

Name: Nova Launcher Prime

Description: This is an app that provides adjustments to customize our home screen. What we can actually do with this app is modifying our Android appearance and then it becomes unique. It is a launcher that is already highly recommended in its free variant, but in its Prime version, the number of options it offers is incredible.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

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Nova Launcher Features

nova luncher

Premium features:

  • Makes it easy by adding actions when swiping over the app icon
  • This feature enables you to calculate the number of unread notifications,
  • It creates support for quick scans and more application information
  • Addition of special effects such as swipe, accordion, and throw when scrolling in drawing applications.
  • You can easily customize drawer groups by creating folders on the Drawer app.
  • Ability to hide folders.

General features:

  • Adds gestures to quickly perform a pre-defined action. This means that you can swipe, tap or double tap on the screen to open your favorite apps.
  • It enables you to hide apps: Many Android devices were installed on apps from developers at first, most of them bypassed. Now, you can hide apps you do use or sensitive and even hide the apps you have never used.
  • Double-tapping feature for locking.
  • The use of emoji to label application drawer tabs
  • Availability of swipe actions on home and apps
  • Customization of actions without an icon pack

Nova Launcher Prime Installing

  • – Download Nova launcher Prime from the app store- Enable unknown sources in your device setting to download this app
  • – Search and download the app
  • – Install it on your device
  • – After installing, open it and select launcher default to Nova launcher Prime.

How to use Nova Launcher Prime

nova luncher

After installing your  Nova Launcher app, it’s time to go ahead and use it. Follow this process

  • –  Go to your device setting and set Nova Launcher Prime as your default launcher. 
  • –  For those using Android 7.0 version and above, find the Apps sub-menu (it will depend on your phone) 
  • – After that, click on the Settings cog icon. 
  • – From there, scroll down and when you see the Home app, tap it and select Nova Launcher prime.

 On the other hand, it’s different If your phone is on any version of Android between 4.4, 6.0. In your Settings menu, find the Home sub-menu, click Advanced, and choose Nova Launcher from the available choices.


I recommend Nova Launcher Prime to everyone. Most people and user love it and have installed it. Use it and enjoy the multiple features of the app. You’ll love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

1. What is the latest version of Nova Launcher Prime?

The latest version on Nova Launcher Prime is 6.2.9, it requires Android 5.0 upwards, the latest update was on February 1, 2020.

2. Is Nova Launcher safe?

Nova Launcher is safe, not harmful.  if you decide to uninstall it, it won’t clear any of your personal data. They are just like skin to your phone. You can also look at Apex Launcher, Solo Launcher, or any other popular launcher to understand better.

3.  What is the difference between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime?

The difference between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime is in the customization. Nova Launcher Prime enables you to select indications or gestures for example pinch, double-tap. Also, you can select gestures for applications on the home screen. Another thing is the addition of unread counts that indicates messages that are unread.

4. How do I set up Nova Launcher?

Go to your settings menu and open it, go to the Apps section, then scroll downwards to where you have advanced button, and tap on the default app settings. This will take you to another screen. So you select Nova Launcher from the list. Finally, click on default application, and tap Home.

Best Alternatives for Nova Launcher Prime

Evie Launcher

This app allows easy  search function by swiping down on the Home screen. It enables search for contacts, applications, and even on the Internet . Just like Nova Launcher Prime,  Evie Launcher allows the user to choose and set his display preferences. 

To download and Install

  • – Go to your app store,  enter the search button and search for Evie 
  • –  Tap Install.
  • – Tap on additional prompts if any and allow the installation to complete.
  • – After you’ve launched it completely,  tap the Home button
  • – Select Evie, after that  tap Always.

Smart Launcher 5 

Smart Launcher 5 is another application launcher that also adapts  to user choices. Applications on the mobile device can be hidden or protected by password . They can also  be arranged sorted by name, by date of use, by order of installation and even by color of icons.

To download and install, follow these steps

  • – Go to your Google play store and install Smart Launcher 5 
  • – Open it 
  • – Go to your device setting and set it as the default launcher.
  • – Long press on the home screen, then select “home page”


Nova Launcher Prime app will still improve and add new characteristics that will be compatible with the latest Android versions (currently Android O), so there is an assurance that your device is still and will still be supported by Nova Launcher Prime. Nova Launcher Prime will bring you new feelings, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Replace it with the boring launcher stock in your mobile device.

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