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Octosniff For pc

Name: OctoSniff

Description: OctoSniff for pc is simply a network research tool that lets you have access to some information about the players you are playing with. As its name implies, it sniffs out i.e. it lets you in on details you would not ordinarily get on a platter. In a nutshell, what it does is that it filters out a packet and decrypts the usernames in them.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • No Jailbreak or Mods required to use OctoSniff!
  • OctoSniff can decrypt PS4 Usernames!
  • Built-in ARP Spoofing, you can even do it wirelessy!
  • Advanced Geo IP Lookup providing you accurate information!
  • With a click of a button you can export your logs for later!


OctoSniff offers much more than giving information about the other players, it allows you o take absolute control over your network. With over 15,000 users, OctoSniff allows you to monitor the packets circulating as well. The first time you go to the OctoSniff ultimate website, you would be granted 1500 points which you can spend on the website. This would serve you like your web money on the website.


The only bad thing I see with OctoSniff for pc is that it is only compatible with windows and not Mac or Linux or any other devices.

OctoSniff free was developed as a network research tool that allows you to access certain information about other players that you are playing with. When you use this on Xbox, it would not give you information on the usernames of the players, it would show you their Geolocation and IP address. 

Download OctoSniff for PC

Key features of OctoSniff

VPN optimized

OctoSniff allows you to change your IP address and use a VPN at the same time. So, it acts as a 2 in one software.

No player can hide from you

This app was designed to give you access to information from other players like their country, ISP and cities even if they protect their identities with a VPN or DDoS protection. So, you can easily know who is who immediately you start playing. It makes you feel like the then all-seeing eye that nothing can be kept from.

Supports Wired and Wireless Spoofing

Because the app was built with a built-in ARP Spoofing, it is made possible for you to do it without necessarily having to connect a series of wires.

Really easy to set-up

OctoSniff was designed in a way that allows just anybody to use it. It possesses an easy-to-use template that enables a novice to do the work of an expert via the app.

Advanced Packet Filters

The advanced packet filters make it possible to detect new games without having to update the tool itself. It automatically helps you identify packets coming from the Game server’s IP or which ones are coming from your Xbox party chat.

Detects your complete Location

OctoSniff was built with advanced Geo IP, so it provides you with accurate information and makes you worry less about getting false information.

How to download, install and connect your console wirelessly on your pc

One thing you need to know before downloading the OctoSniff software is that you would have to disable your windows firewall and if you do not know how to do that follow these steps:

  • Go to your control panel from your system security Windows Firewall then go to your advanced settings. The advanced settings would require the computer administrator if you are not your computer administrator you need to get the administrator to work this out.
  • After you disabled your windows firewall, also make sure all your anti-virus protection programs are off so that you will be able to download OctoSniff.
  • Download OctoSniff by merely searching on google and picking a virus-free trusted website. When you open the software, type in your information and if it does not load, I would recommend for you to reset your computer and re-run the software on your computer. Your antivirus programs can also be blocking it from running so you might want to consider turning that off too.
  • Once you start up the Auto-sniff program, it will start up the hook to sniff. So, at that point, you can change it to your console IP address and hit save.

FAQ of octosniff Software

Can I be refunded after making a payment mistakenly?

Unfortunately, once your purchase has been confirmed and a mail has been sent, any form of refund requests may be declined. It might be possible to refund you provided that you have not used to download the software.

Would the other players be informed once I see their information?

Only you would be able to have access to this information therefore, they would not have any hint or know that you are aware of their identity.

Is there a way to sneakily install OctoSniff on my Mac pc?

The OctoSniff app was not designed to work on any pc alternative to windows, even if its MAC or Linus.

Is safe and legal to use?

OctoSniff is totally safe and legit for you as a consumer to use according to Scamadviser which is an automated algorithm that checks if a website is legit or not.

Although according to sources states that it is not listed as part of the scam website to watch for, I would, however, recommend you to do your own personal checking to be sure that it is not full of viruses or malware that can ruin your computer. There also have not been any negative reviews recorded on WebofTrust (WOT) so you can go ahead and try it out.

Alternatives to OctoSniff for pc

Although these apps cannot completely replace OctoSniff, below are the following are the alternatives to the OctoSniff software I would recommend:


This is a free app that sniffs packets and captures TCP/IP packets then presents them as a sequence of conversations between the servers and clients. It works only on windows 2000 or a greater sub.


What this app basically does is that it allows you to capture and interactively browse the traffic that your computer network is running. It works as a network protocol analyzer

Network Miner

This sniffing app works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It works as a passive network sniffer and packet capturing tool to reassemble transmitted files.


This is also an alternative to OctoSniff that analyzes packets that run under the command line. It allows you to intercept and displays the packets being received or transmitted over the attached computer’s network.

Microsoft network monitor

Designed by Microsoft to analyze packets, it enables viewing, capturing and analyzing network and data. It even allows you to troubleshoot network issues and applications.

A cracked version of OctoSniff is free for download with the following features; This allows you to pull out the usernames of the players so immediately, so you know exactly who you are dealing with. It also allows you to change their IP addresses or even use VPN.

It works really well with PS4, PS3 and grand theft auto. This app is very much recommended for you if you are obsessed with knowing the identity of the person you are playing with at all costs. You could get the OctoSniff ultimate or the OctoSniff normal, with each of them offering different services, OctoSniff ultimate being the premium option.

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