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Description: This is an app that allows you to download the videos that you can stream on YouTube, Facebook, Vclip videos, discovery and other online sites that support video streaming. Basically, it allows you to have latter access to YouTube videos offline.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Windows

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features

  • Theme customization
  • Download feature
  • Background video play
  • Multitasking video
  • Subtitle downloads
  • Simultaneous downloads


OGYouTube was developed by Osama Ghareeb. This is a sleek app that works with you having to root your phone. The user interface is almost exactly like the official YouTube app. It allows you to background play vides as audio and also play music in the background.

Because it shares the interface of the official app, you would not miss out on any of the functionalities you may need like Chromecast Support. You cannot find on Google Play store so I can not exactly say that it is virus or malware-free or has the backing of Google.

It also allows you to convert any video format on YouTube on other video streaming sites.



Inbuilt Video Downloader

This is the most used feature in OGYouTube as it is the main feature of the app. It allows its users to download videos that are meant for streaming for them to be able to watch it offline. Unlike the official YouTube app, videos would be available to download watch without expiration date.

When downloading, the user would be able to pick the most suitable quality inconsideration with network and data connections. You can download as high as 720p resolution quality. 

Video to Audio converter

There is much time when you would like to download audios instead of videos but the audio file is not available. OGYouTube will allow you to download the mp3 of the video by converting the video to audio for you. By simply enabling the mp3 format download, you can download a video as audio instead.

Easy to use Interface

The user interface is very similar to the official YouTube app, which means it is as easy to use as the normal YouTube app is as easy. Without knowing most information about the app or without being a video professional, anybody can use the app.

It is very easy to navigate and move around the app. Suitable for beginners and novices; anybody can download videos as long as they can use the official YouTube app.

Supports YouTube sign-in

Just like when using the official YouTube, the OGYouTube would require you to sign in with your YouTube credentials. This way, you would be able to access our subscription, videos, preferences and many more. It makes the app behave the way your personalized YouTube would function.

When you log in to your Gmail or YouTube account, it would be able to behave like YouTube and narrow download your recommended videos using your account cookies and search patterns.

Background Play and Pop-up playback

 OGYouTube allows you to play audio or video in the background while you do something else on your device. It gives room for multitasking. While your background plays your videos or audio, it would allow you to even control play.

You can pause, play, tweak the volume and many more. OGYouTube is the modded version of YouTube because it lets you enjoy the additional features absent in the official YouTube app such as the background play or Pop up playback.

Subtitle downloads

There are lots of videos that are not in the language a user would understand. Most of these videos have a translated subtitle linked with them. OGYouTube makes it possible for you to download these subtitles for better understand.

Unlike on the official YouTube app which you can only access online while watching the video, This app helps to break the language barriers within videos and enhances better understanding for its users

Swipe controls

When in the background play mode, you would still be able to control the app. Either to increase or reduce volume, increase or reduce brightness or change the content playing to the next on the list.

This feature is limited to Android users only as the side buttons can also work as well unlike with those using their pc.

Multiple Downloads

When downloading videos or music while using the OGYouTube app, you can add more files to download. Instead of having to queue the contents you are trying to download at the same time.

The app supports multiple downloads and saves files on your internal storage which you can rename later. Unlike normal downloads that have a download limit, most times these limits do not exceed 6. With OGYouTube, you can download as many files as possible at the same time.

Depending on your internet connection, your speed would depend on this as well.

What’s new on the latest version of OGYouTube?

The latest version of OGYouTube is the version 4.4.2- 12.43.52 and it was accompanied with the following latest features;

  • The off-screen model which saves your phone battery
  • Supports marshmallow and lollipop android version
  • Updated to base 12.43.52
  • One-click video download feature
  • Bug fixes and some obvious improvements
  • Plays and video quality

How to download and install OGYouTube (for android)

To download the OGYouTube APK on your android device, you would have to follow these steps because you cannot find the OGYouTube APK on Google as it is not a featured app.

Please do not directly download the APK from any source without following these steps first:

  • You have to disable the stock YouTube app which is the official YouTube app. The official YouTube app doesn’t work with the OGYouTube so you have to disable or uninstall it off your device. To do this, open your phone settings menu, click on the Apps link and scroll download to search for YouTube. Click on it and select disable and confirm your choice to restrict it.
  • Because it is a YouTube modded version of YouTube, you would need to download MicroG which is a modded version of the Google services framework. This would allow you to run the OGYouTube application. After downloading the APK, click on download complete notification and install it.
  • When you have done this, then you can download and install the OGYouTube app. Just as you did with the MicroG app, download the OGYouTube APK and click on the download complete notification and click on the install option when it shows.
  • Sometimes, you might have set your android device to not install the external app, you would have to disable this feature in your phone settings menu since OGYouTube or MicroG is not on google play store.

How to use

How to download YouTube videos

Here, it is very simple to download YouTube videos with the fast that the OGYouTube has a wonderfully designed interface that tells you what you are about to do when navigating around the app.

  • Under every video you open the video you are set to download, you would see two buttons underneath your video. 
  • Click on the download button and it would ask you to give permissions before it starts automatically download itself. It would only as you for permissions the first time you try to download and not subsequent times.
  • Your video would download and save to the internal memory, from there you can rename or move it to your desired file. 

How to play videos in the background

To play your videos in the background or enable background play, follow the following steps;

  • Just as if you want to download, there is also a background play button. Simply click on the background button beneath the video.
  • The app would minimize and the video or audio will play in the background. You would see a notification that allows you to either pause or stop the background playback, this way you can control the player without actually opening the full-screen page.

How to download install for PC and Mac

Luckily there is a pc version of the OGYouTube if you are a fan o the big screen instead of Smartphone. 

  • To download it, you have to run windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32bit/ 64bit) versions. You can simply download it from the web. 
  • Simply search for the pc version of it on the web and download it. Install and grant permissions when required
  • Run against the virus with your anti-virus, I would require SMADAV because It cannot be guaranteed for safety when it is not backed up by Google. You may end up downloading a virus to your PC.

OGYouTube App for iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no iPhone version for the OGYouTube app but there is an alternative that works similarly for iPhones. You can explore YTD and iDownloader. They will perform very similar functions for your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for me to use OGYouTube app?

Yes, it is very much safe. However, you have to be careful because you are giving it permission to use your Gmail account when you want to comment or download.

Is it illegal to use OGYouTube

This question is usually the most asked about this app because it is not available on the Google play store but it is not illegal to use OGYouTube.

Why are videos not working in the background of my app?

You should check your app settings. Enable screen-off playback and background playback. That could be where the problem is.

Is it better than the official YouTube app?

Totally, many people prefer to use this app because the official YouTube app only allows you to save videos for offline use and even has an expiration date.

Can I download the OGYouTube app to my kindle fire?

Yes, the latest version supports all types of android devices. Simple go to settings and allow apps from unknown sources. Then try to download and install again


YouTube Vanced app

The YouTube Vanced app is the most similar when it comes to OGYouTube alternatives. It allows the background play, download videos without even having to sign in with your Gmail or YouTube account.


This is an impressive app that lets you listen to music and download videos. It also allows you to stream videos without ads and this is one of the most impressive things about this app. It also supports background play just like OGYouTube.


This is the official app for streaming videos and music. The only annoying thing about YouTube is that users have to watch ads before having access to videos. Users are not also allowed to download videos to devices but they can save for offline use and watch only within the app.


This app is a beautifully designed app that allows you to stream and download videos from numerous social media platforms even Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, and Voot. It also has a converter that converts videos to mp3. You cannot download on Google play store as well but on the web.


This app is very reliable when it comes to downloading videos to android devices at a very high speed. It allows users to search for files on different categories like movies, music, and many others. It allows you to even set the preferred location and rate your downloads and enjoy great features as well.


Presently, I will say that OGYouTube is your best bet when it comes to downloading YouTube videos to your android device. You don’t need to be worried about the expiration date of the videos you have saved within the YouTube app.

If you are somebody that likes to spend long hours on YouTube, you should try to explore this app because that way you don’t need an extra device to run YouTube videos but instead you can minimize and multitask while working on something else.

It is the easiest you can install and save to your internal storage.

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