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Orfox for windows pc is a secure way by which you can protect your phone from becoming a victim of all types of cybercriminal activities.

It is a VPN browser that helps its users to be hidden and not easily located by hackers. With this app you can easily connect to the internet with the help of Tor network.

Using this app is secure because you can’t be located by a third party user over the internet. To use this app on a computer is possible but you need to use various approach to that on your Windows. Since it’s available just for android device, you have to use emulator to be able to install it in your PC.

Key features of Orfox on Windows Pc

  • Orfox is inspired by Mozilla Firefox.
  • Its official browser is for android devices
  • You have fast access to Tor
  • Quick access to sites such as .onion.
  • Has multiple tabs and markers
Orfox for windows
Orfox for windows

How to Download and Install Orfox in PC (Windows and Mac OS)

 If you are looking for a way to install orfox on your Mac or window, here you will have two effective methods that you will choose from. One is by using Bluestacks and the other is by using Nox.

1. Install Orfox in PC using BlueStacks

Orfox is an android app and to be able to run it in your PC, you need an emulator for that. For this method we will use Bluestack as emulator. Follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install bluestacks in your PC
  2. After the download, open bluestacks
  3. Once you have opened the app, with the aid of My Apps button, do a search for; Orfox
  4. The search result will appear and there you will see Orfox
  5. Tap on it to install it
  6. Do not forget to login into your Google account for further download from Google Play on Bluestacks.
  7. After you have login, the installation process will begin for Orfox you just downloaded

If any problem occurs during the running of bluestacks, just download the Microsoft .net Framework software in your PC.

Orfox Download

2. Install Orfox in PC with Nox

Follow the steps below to download orfox on your pc using Nox:

  1. First of all do the installation for Nox app player in your PC
  2. After installing the emulator, run Nox in your PC
  3. Since Nox is an android emulator, you need to login to your Google account
  4. With the help of the search button, type “Orfox”
  5. Now do the installation for Orfox on your emulator
  6. After the installation is completed, now you can play Orfox on your PC.

Above are two methods that you can use to install Orfox in your PC. If you choose either of the above methods they will be both effective.

Explore more functions of Orfox

Advantages of Orfox for Windows PC

  • With orfox, you have a bigger screen and better graphics
  • An extended duration with a battery that takes longer so you no longer have the fear of mobile data.
  • Precise keyboard control and support for keymapping and mouse.
  • You have a multi-instance manager
  • several game counts at the same time

Alternative to Orfox

Orfox on Android
Orfox on Android

 If you are reading here it means that you are looking for an alternative to Orfox. You will not be disappointed as you will have a variety to choose from.


With brave, it’s the best of the internet at your fingertips. Drool reimagines everything a browser should be. It gives you power, speed, security and unparalleled confidentiality. It is also able to block trackers.

You can use the app to collect rewards while choosing to receive life-friendly advertising.

Mozilla Firefox

 Popularly known by the name Firefox, it is a free and also and open source browser. It comes from the Mozilla Application Suite. It has thousands of third-party add-ons and a highly extensible.

Firefox is currently faster than the alternative Google Chrome, more to that it uses less memory than the later. It has a Quantum version which is two times faster than the previous version.

Google chrome

Chrome is free web browser that was developed by Google. It is an open source with a focus on speed and minimalism. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a fast start-up and a web page loading support.

It automatically does updates in the background and also offers syncing of browser bookmarks. Your browsing history, password, is extended to other computer via your Google account.

Tor Browser

Tor is the most popular alternative to Orfox. Tor is a free and open source browser. Tor browser protects you by bouncing your communications towards a distributed network. This distributed network is runed by volunteers all over the world.

With this browser, it prevents other to spy your internet connection. They won’t learn what website you are visiting and equally prevents from knowing your location. With Tor browser, you will have access to blocked website.

Orfox for pc Download
Orfox for pc Download


Opera is a web browser that is so simple and easy to use. It is mainly focused on implementing new technologies. Its speed is no longer to be discussed it is very fast and contributed to the creation of standard website.

You can configure the home page and add your favorite and bookmarked sites. It possesses tap that permits you to switch between popular services like whatSapp, Facebook and Telegram. As an advantage, it contains ad-blocker, sync, unit converter, battery saver, VPN.


Orfox for windows allows you to have a perfect android browser to easily explore the Tor network. It allows you to access the deep web from your mobile device while remaining anonymous.

Orfox is an Android based app that can be used on your Windows. All this and possible avoid the Bluestacks emulator and / or Nox installed in advance in your pc. You can then follow the steps listed above to execute it in your pc. You also have the possibility to make a choice among the above alternatives mentioned.

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