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Paretologic Data Recovery Pro For PC
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Name: Paretologic Data Recovery Pro

Description: Data Recovery Pro actually helps you locate and recover a variety of real file types, including the deleted emails. The software even actually scans for deleted files on real peripheral storage devices, like your own USBs and external hard drives, also ensuring the most powerful data recovery tool is at actually your fingertips when you really need it most.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • Use Across Devices
  • Recover Any File Type
  • Customize System Scans
  • Navigate Easily

Paretologic data recovery pro is an android mobile application that helps in locating and recovering lost and deleted files on your device. Paretologic pro will help you to recover any type of misplaced files, including deleted mails messages by scanning on lost files and datas on your peripheral storage devices such as external hard drives, universal serial bus (USB). Paretologic pro is a very wonderful recovery tool that will give you a sense of assurance that your datas and files are fully protected.

We have all being through some certain conditions where we lose our files accidentally with no hope of getting them back and such a file might just being an important information that we never pray to lose because if lost can never be gotten back. Fortunately, we now have software programs like paretologic data recovery which will help us recover deleted files either from our external drives or from other devices that are connected to ours such as a USB disc. This program also helps recover email messages that have been previously deleted on our device.

Paretologic pro works by scanning through the particular place or locations where files were previously deleted. Though, it normally takes longer time especially if it is an advanced scan mode and something I will call luck, to recover that information’s, files and photos that were lost previously.

With paretologic pro application, you can also remove impurities or refine scans by searching for a lost file through its name or words, but while using this, I discovered that it doesn’t work effectively as it should be. So if you need to recover any lost file, the best thing you should do is to go for a complete scan and then search for the file manually to get the one you are actually looking for through the result that will be displayed to you. Sorting the files out is never a problem as paretologic app will display previews of files that have been recovered and will for sure stimulate the sorting of those files easily.

Benefits and Features of Paretologic Pro Data Recovery App:

It can be used across devices to recover deleted files from different storages but internal and external storage device including your hard drive, mobile phones and computer system.

  • Retrieve Any File Type: Paretologic pro data recovery app will help retrieve every type of files like documents, pictures, music, videos, emails messages, PDF files and many more.
  • Recover Lost Emails: It will help recover all your lost emails messages by scanning through your device. This is supported by outlook express, Microsoft outlook and windows vista mail.
  • Customize System Scans Customize systems: This is achieved by running a complete or drastic scan to see to what your system needs by customizing the required and précised things that is needed t be scanned.
  • Files Preview: This is a very important feature that can be used to review files before retrieving them so that you will be rest assured in retrieving the detected files.
  • It Easily Navigates: Paretologic data recovery application composes of a friendly user interface that you can depend on ro do everything possible in recovering your lost datas.
  • It has a two advanced scanning modes.
  • It will help recover files by scanning through both internal and external disc drive
  • The preview of most files will be displayed to you
  • Easy to use, good app you can depend on.

How to download Paretologic pro data recovery on your Android Mobile :

Very simple, Just open your Google playstore or App store and search for Paretologic pro data recovery application, from the search result you will see what you are looking for.

  1. Download and install then enjoy.
  2. You can successfully finish the download process in less than 5 minutes.
  3. You can also download directly by searching for the app through any of your browser.
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How Does Paretologic Data Recovery Work:

Here we will show to you reveal to you how paretologic pro data recovery works, below are the step after step guides that will enable you to recover lost files with paretologic pro data recovery application.

Procedural Guide to retrieve lost files Using Paretologic Data Recovery App:

Step one: First thing you need to do is to download and install the program on your device. Launch the app and in the main view you click on “scan” button. You will be provided to choose one of the three types of scan that will be displayed to you such as Guided scan, full scan or quick scan.  You are advised to choose the one that’s best for you.

Step two: After deciding on which scan you’d like to go for. Tap on the “start scan” button. Wait till the scan is complete and after a complete scan, select those files you will like to retrieve and click on “Recover” to have them save back on your device.

Alternative route to how Paretologic pro data recovery App works:

There is no need telling you more about this app, like I have already show to you more than enough things you need to know about this application so let’s get started. Here are the step to step alternative guides on how to recover deleted files on your device.

Step one: As I have stated above earlier, download and install paretologic data recovery app but here it can also be downloaded with crack online.

Step two: Install the downloaded application and extract the crack zip file you downloaded with.

Step three: Copy and paste to replace the program in the directory software installation board. It is always like “(C:/Programe Files or Programme Files(x86)/ParetoLogic/Data Recovery).”

Step four: Single click on “PL DATA RECOVERY.EXE” and to avoid self-update or unusual update go to properties and click on the read only box to avoid that.

Step five: Start running the application immediately.

Step six: Select the particular drive you want top recover either external or internal drive.

Step seven:  Launch paretologic data recovery app and click on advance options.

Step eight: Select the drive you want to scan from and tap on “start scan” to start scanning.

Step nine: After a complete scan, press recover to have your deleted files back.

For a better referencing, you can watch some YouTube videos on how to recover lost files using paretologic data recovery app.

And that’s how you get your lost file back. However, these applications have some little defects which includes:

  • Although missing file can be searched for through the file name and you cannot predict the actual file or program you are to scan for.
  • The most complex type of scan is the guided scanning mode. Even when it is a very important scan type it is complicated for users to use.
  • The reviews is not quite alright has it does not function the way it should. Previewing some of your files will cause you some severe headache and you are still like not to get it right.
  • It is not only available for android users only, it can also be downloaded on windows computers but cannot work on mac operating system even if it will, they have to look for a different alternative route to achieve that.
  • Funny enough you will not be able to save scan results to recover them back later.


I have been using Paretologic data recovery pro to recover my lost files from a one terabyte external hard disc. After about seven hours now. Is it over? Can I cancel it?

If you experience this, once the data recovery software completes scanning, it automatically close the scan process thereby displaying scan completed on your device. If it is taking too much time, it simply means the drive is completely loaded and you have to wait till it finishes scanning.

The filtering message does not work properly. Why is it so?

Yes, it doesn’t but I’m very sure the developers are working to resolve this.

Why is the advanced mode slow?

The app isn’t a magic, it works slowly to achieve all that you want it to do. Maybe when it is updated it will be faster than it is now.

In conclusion, Paretologic data recovery works perfectly well in recovering lost datas and files. If you encounter any problem during the cause of installation or when trying to recover files. Please do let us know through the comment section, thank you,

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