PLDT Wifi APK for Android, Windows & Mac OS

PLDT Wifi APK for Android
PLDT for pc

Name: PLDT Wifi APK

Description: The PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is a plug and play device that instantly connects you to the Internet.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, PC

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • You’re in control! You can now manage your PLDT Home Wifi account at home and outside
  • Lagi kang updated! You can view and track your balance para reload agad when needed!
  • You can convert regular load to FamLoad directly at home or outside!

The internet has become a sense of belonging for most of us and the door to that place of belonging is through a network connect like our local mobile data or WIFI and could cost a lot depending on your data consumption. PLDT WIFI APK is one of those apps that can save when your internet disappoints you in the middle of the night or your data finishes and your neighbor’s WIFI is sitting there unused.

PLDT WIFI APK basically allows you to hack into any PLDT based network that still has a default password. Hacking a WIFI password means that you’re not going to be responsible for any WIFI payments.

Although hacking the WIFI is not just a straightforward process, it requires basic common sense. The PLDT WIFI hacker APK is a great catch for everybody who wants to access WIFI networks anytime. It is extremely easy, user-friendly yet strong for default password cracking. What the PLDT WIFI hacker app does is that it scans the surrounding networks, once it detects a PLDT network, it will try to hack its password. Once the scanning process is finished, you will be shown the victim’s default password.

However, when entering the password, beware of the cases as it is cases sensitive in inputting when hacking. So, it is in a nutshell it is an app that a beginner or expert can use because it is not hard to configure.

Cracking PLDT App WIFI password:

It is very easy to crack that WIFI you’ve always wanted to and the following tool are what you will need; your smartphone, a WIFI analyzer which you can download from google play and finally your common sense.

To use PLDT WIFI hacker:

  1. First of all, you will have to download the PLDT WIFI hacker. It is not available for download on google play but if you search the web, you will definitely get a legit link to download from and beware of malware and viruses. It is usually in a zipped format, you will need to unzip and open the APK, install on your device. Remember to set your phone eligible to install apps from sources other than google play store.
  2. After you have installed the app on your android phone, open the app click on scan and make sure your WIFI is open to making scanning possible. A very good PLDT WIFI hacker app that is mostly used is the blood security PLDT WIFI hacker. Mostly due to the negligence of some PLDT subscribers their WIFI is always easy to hack.

Every app and software have their own strengths and weaknesses and this hacker app is not an exception. You can only hack the PLDT WIFI if:

  • The subscriber did not change the SSID i.e. still using the default password, for example, PLDTWIFI45678 or something of that sort.
  • PLDT Fibr cannot be hacked by this app because they are developed to be immune to this app. So, PLDT subscribers are safe.

Why you should not download or use Blood Security PLDT WIFI hacker?

  1. It might not be a safe sit you will download from, so you might end up downloading viruses or malware in search of the clean app.
  2. The fact that it is not recommended or included in google play obviously states that is not coded safely
  3. It might end up ruining your phone’s performance, slowing down the processing of your phone or eventually kills your phone.

Best WIFI hacker apps on Android Phone:

These are the top recommended WIFI hacking apps for android:

Wifi Wps Wpa Tester:

If you are a beginner hacker, I would highly recommend this for you because you do not have to root your phone. The creators of this app initially developed it to know if an access point is prone to malicious attacks or not. As time went by, the developers began to add different features that enabled their users to hack a WIFI network easily.

Generally, the app helps you crack a WIFI pin by using algorithms for example Zhao, Arris, Dlink, and others. These algorithms are responsible for calculating the WIFI pins throughout the MAC address although there are also included in the local database. You have to be using Android Lollipop (4.0) or a higher version for you to not have to root your phone for it to work. With this app, you would be able to try the connection to any WIFI access point through its WPS pin.

myPLDT Smart
myPLDT Smart
Price: Free
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot
  • myPLDT Smart Screenshot

WPS Connect:

This is one powerful app that will allow you to connect to most routers enabled with the WPS protocol. These WIFI routers are mostly found in homes and public places, it also makes it possible for you to analyze if your own router is vulnerable to an attack or not. You can also use this app to learn WIFI password hacking without rooting your device and strengthen your own network.

It supports password cracking algorithms like Dlink or Zhao and includes different pins. After it identifies an accessible network, the app assists you to obtain the password. It has mostly been tested with major android brands like the Galaxy series Nexus and more so it may be compatible with other android phones as well. You can easily download it from Google play store to check if it is compatible with your phone or not. It is free to download, easy to use and possesses powerful algorithms to get productive results.

WIFI Master Key:

This app is one of the best WIFI hacking apps which is freely available for its android users. It is reliable, fast and secure and does not require you to root your phone as well as the previous two. With just a single click, it searches for all nearby hotspots and WIFI networks. So, all you have to do is just select the network you want to get connected to and get its key. Unlike the other hacking apps, it does not really hack a password, instead, it shares it with its users by identifying different networks from its directory. As a beginner as well, you can easily understand how to use this app, it is available in over 170 countries in 19 languages.

Final Verdict:

Let us know in the comments below if you have any better suggestions on wifi cracking. We will be happy to add that in the post. Happy hacking.

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