Psiphon for Mac, Android & PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Psiphon for Mac

Name: Psiphon for

Description: Psiphon is an instrument put in place by Psiphon Inc. that permits you to evade or bypass censorship. This app gets its performance by using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and HTTP proxy. It is designed to give you access to online content, but doesn’t raise privacy online. Moreover, this app shouldn’t be taken as online security equipment.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows, Android & iPhone

Application Category: Security and Privacy

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Key Features

  • Tool against censorship, using SSH technology
  • Available in both Android and Windows compatible versions
  • Standby using VPN Services
  • Easy to install
  • It is easy to use
  • Google drive interference
  • It hides your IP


  • Free for everyone
  • One of the best tools for circumventing government censorship online
  • Unblocks banned website
  • Secure your connection


  • Can’t work without VPN
  • Limitations in data usage for free users
  • Can’t promise full privacy to its users

Features of the app


Easy usage

The website is available for free windows update on the app, all you have to do is to visit the site. The Android and IOS devices ready for side loading can also be downloaded from the website.  It requires no registration of any kind.

Leakage test

No IP leaks have been found either in SSH or VPN mode, or when using the Android app, using the Windows app. The results of the VPN check can be seen here. Those are Google, DNS servers, but Psiphon proxies the DNS requests so there is no risk to privacy.

Speed and performance


When using Psiphon don’t expect blazing fast speeds. The download speeds in default Windows SSH mode averaged just 133 kbps. Speeds were a bit more useful in VPN mode.

Pricing policy

Psiphon edition for Windows is free. And the Android and iPhone VPN apps can also be “sideloaded” for free. In countries that don’t ban it; you can also download Psiphon from the Google Play Store for your Android device. However, this is where things begin to get complicated… The Play Store’s basic Psiphon app is the same as one that you can download from the website, except it displays certain ads. Bandwidth is limited to 2 Mbps on all free versions of the app.

How to install the app on the pc


For an android app to run on a PC, you need to do that with Bluestacks. This will help you install Psiphon easily after you have downloaded. Here is how to install it on a PC:

  • Most importantly, install BlueStacks on PC
  • Introduce BlueStacks and make let it function on the pc
  • As soon as BlueStacks is launched, get on My Apps button in the emulator
  • Search for: Psiphon Pro
  • When you have seen it, all you have to is install the app 
  • Now, use your Google account and download app from play store on bluestacks    
  • Done with login, installation begins for Psiphon pro with data connection.     

Hint: You can also download and install the Psiphon Pro APK file on the Bluestacks Android emulator, if you wish.

How to use the app on the PC

The app is accessible for Windows users, Android and iOS. Unfortunately the app doesn’t offer Mac users a version of the app. Here is how to install the app on a window PC:

  • There are different modes available in the app that allow users to set up their entire browser or just their VPN mode by choosing whether to put the services to their entire browser or simply the website they want to access at the moment.
  •  This software not only unblocks different websites, but also adds up and offers an extra layer of protection when using the WI fi network services that are available. 
  • The app also maintains a record of the user’s data traffic and provides users with information on how much data traffic they’ve been using, so users don’t need reminders to keep track of their data usage as this software does quite fittingly for them.
  • The app also boasts an age gate that allows its users to stop seeing the unwanted stuff.

Frequently Asked questions

F asked Qustion

1. Is Psiphon available for IOS, Windows Phone, and Linux etc.?

The platforms that are supported are the ones on the Download page. There is constantly working to expand the platform support so hopefully in the near future, it will be supporting your desired IOS!

2. Is my Psiphon for PC an authentic one?

Psiphon is only released as an installable package for Windows. Each executable file for a client is single. (.”Exe) “that Psiphon Inc. digitally signs. Windows checks that signature automatically when you run the client.

3. Is my Psiphon for android an authentic one?

A vulnerability recently reported may cause Android to falsely report malicious APKs as valid. Each Android client’s Psiphon is shipped as an Android APK file (.”apk) “that is digitally signed by Psiphon Inc.


Main alternatives for the app


Tor is free movable software and an open link that lets you defend against some form of network investigation that intimidates personal freedom and privacy, sensitive business and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis.


ProtonVPN is an extremely secure private virtual network (VPN), which is encrypted. The team of CERN and MIT scientists who created ProtonMail-the world’s largest encrypted email provider with more than 2 million users, including journalists, activists and dissidents, will bring you here. These encrypted tools enable users across more than 150 countries to recover their freedom of expression and privacy online.


CyberGhost VPN permits you to surf the Internet spontaneously, as if masked, irrespective of the style of application you are using and wherever you are logging in from. It gives you the option of roaming around the Web unrecognized by third parties, visiting forums and exchanging information and files with other Internet users as well as chatting and receiving emails without feeling watched.


ZenMate is the easiest browser plugin that offers a VPN solution-encrypting all of your browser traffic and routing it to provide a safe, private browsing skill through our ZenMate cloud. Forget about restrictions on the internet! We provide options for Geo-switching which allow you to access blocked content wherever you are. What we provide: ZenMate is an Internet Security and Privacy Extension number one browser.


Psiphon is available both as a Windows-based software client and as an Android app, and both are free to use for everyone, though there is a monthly subscription fee for a Pro version of the mobile app that eliminates advertising and limits data usage. Psiphon recognizes that many governments are blocking their site and allows you to receive a private download link via email to their app. For the Mac user, the best is still to come, stay connected for more information on innovations on the app.

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