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Sling TV App For PC
Sling TV App For PC

Name: Sling TV App

Description: Sling TV is a daddy to all other application in out bringing the top television series through the internet to millions of citizens across the United States of America. Sling TV is an application that gives to suit individual’s requirement and specifications of their favourite TV contents by just having to pay for the television channels they prefer and sending their users different kinds of contents through the internet.

Offer price: Free in App purchase

Operating System: Windows 10 and MAC OS

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Selection of different national networks
  • There are different channel options
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Users can stream on different device
  • Users can also stream live TV programs across USA

Sling TV is undoubtedly one of the best apps for downloading and watching movies and TV shows of your choice but can only work on windows 10.

Features Of Sling TV App:


Access to different kinds of live TV programs like kid shows, live TV news, entertainment shows, live football matches, educative shows etc. It also give access to highly rated TV shows.


You can have a favorite playlist where you store your favorite shows for later use.


Sling TV is well known for its user friendly user interface and content variety.


Sling TV is undoubtedly one of the simplest and easiest ways of watching breaking news, different TV shows and watching live football matches. You can also watch movies, music videos on your device with a good internet connection.

– The windows 10 version of this application gives users all the ability to access all the features of the app. One of the most significant features of sling TV is the broadcast of all major sports in the United States like NCAA football, NBA, MLB, MLS and many more.

– You can watch as many as you want Tv programs and movies for free.

– Streaming is possible anywhere at any time.

– You can also continue from where you stop.

How to download sling TV Apk on your Windows 10 computer:

  1. Step one: Visit Microsoft store on your computer
  2. Step two: In the search bar, search for sling TV
  3. Step three: From the search results, check for sling TV icon, tap on it and click on free to start downloading the app
  4. Step four: Wait till you finish installing the app.
  5. Step five: Launch the application after a successful installation of the app.
SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies
SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies
Developer: Sling TV, L.L.C.
Price: To be announced
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot
  • SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies Screenshot

How to download Sling TV on MAC OS:

For some best-known reasons, sling Tv is not supported on MAC operating system anymore. PC users of MAC operating system can only access use sling by visiting in the latest version of Google chrome.

About Sling Tv:

Sling TV is an American streaming service that has different sections for movies and Television shows, they vary from educational shows, entertainment shows, live football matches, kid shows and many more. There are also categories specially created for children for their learning process and help them academically.

Sling TV subscriptions starts from twenty five dollar monthly and it offers all the popular channels like FOX network channels, food network, Lifetime, AMC, ESPN network channels and many others you can make mention of.

Sling TV because of its unique features have overtime catch the attention of many. A lot of people feel the need to have it on their computer device but don’t know what to do and how to go about it. Worry no more; we are here because of you. Well show you simple steps on how to get Sling TV on PC in just some simple ways. It doesn’t take time, trust me.

Sling TV Packages:

Sling TV subscription comes in three different ways such as sling Blue, sling Orange and sling blue plus blue.

Packages Cost Nos of channels they have  Notable channels they have
Sling Blue About twenty-five dollars monthly More than 50 channels FOX, vice land, ESPN, AMC
Sling orange About twenty-five dollars monthly More than 50 channels CNN, ESPN, Food network, FOX network.
Sling Blue + orange About forty dollars per month. More than 55 channels History, IFC, comedy central, ESPN channel

 NOTE: Sling TV is only available in the United States, users outside the united states need a virtual private network (VPN) to download the sling TV. We there by recommend CM security VPN or express vpn to access the sling TV. The vpn also gives you security and access to download restricted applications and avoid geo restriction with ease.


What are the channels available on sling TV?

  • The sling Blue subscription that comes with over forty five channels
  • The sling orange subscription that comes with over thirty channels
  • We also have the sling blue plus orange subscription which has over fifty channels.
  • The channels available are not just limited to the ones listed above; there are also series of different small channels that can be included in any of the above listed subscription at an extra fee of about five dollars to ten dollars monthly.
  • There are also premium channels and, you can also pay extra to have access to premium channels like Showtime and others.

Can I access sling TV in my country?

Sadly, sling TV is only available in the United States only. Anyone outside the United States can only have access to it through a virtual protective network (VPN). VPN will make you have access to restricted app anywhere around the world.

When can one cancel his/her subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, Sling TV subscriptions are monthly and there are no contracts to using the app. If you cancel your subscription, it ends there immediately.

So is there free trial at all?

Yes there is. But, the free trial is just for seven days and you can choose to cancel your subscription anytime within the seven days free trial without being charged for anything.

Can Sling TV replace cable subscriptions?

Yes, Sling TV can replace you of your cable subscriptions and relief you of money spent on cable subscriptions. You can access different varieties of live television channels just for some tokens of monthly fee and watch your favourite TV series as you like. It is very reliable as it will also enable you to rent movies. However, it is limited in offering local channels as expected of it unlike other apps and its web mobile apps are not as intuitive as those of top competitors. Also, the point of interconnection between entities is quite low compared to those of its competitors.

Alternative to SLING TV App:

Vudu App

Vudu is an application that will enable you to stream as you like watch interesting movies and TV shows of your choice and some other clips without a need to subscribe or pay a dime.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV app is a well-designed Application where you can stream as you like, enjoy about 200+ live TV channels and more than 35,000 on demand television shows, movies and favourite videos when fully connected to your spectrum internet.

Vizio smart cast

Vizio smart cast App for PC is created for streaming a wide range of movies or videos online. It works just like a normal television set.

How to download any of the Above listed alternative to SLING TV App:

i. Download and install an emulator e.g. Bluestacks, NOX App player.

ii. Launch the emulator after installation.

iii. Using the search box displayed on the screen: search for the App.

iv. On the search result click on the icon of the App.

v. Download and install.

vi. After a successful installation, launch the application.


I feel very glad to describe the methods and procedures of how to install Sling TV on your Windows computer system, if in case you come across any problem during the cause of installation or after installation let us know through the comment section.  We will guide you through.

 Let us know if this write up post is helpful. Thank you.

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