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Name: Snaptube

Description: SnapTube-YouTube Downloader is a simple tool to download any video from YouTube in an easy, fast and convenient way so you can play it later without an internet connection.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: PC, MAC

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • Supported by 21 sites and social networks
  • Custom configuration features
  • Personalized support for complaints and problems of use directly from Snaptube

Snaptube is a 100% free application that lets you download audio and video files from the Internet, in a simple and intuitive way. You can download public content (always with the creator’s permission, of course), high-quality video and audio.

It is completely safe and reliable, it does not damage the mobile device, it is easy to use with a simple and friendly interface that allows you to search, find and download all the audio or video you want, without limitations of use beyond your Internet data plan.

It also keeps you informed about new trends, videos or music you might like. High-resolution videos can be downloaded in their different 2k, 4k, 8k, and 60 fps versions. To download audio, use the Mp3 format and for HD MP4 video up to 1080P.

How does Snaptube work?

Thanks to its simple, multi-functional, intuitive and easy to use interface, to search for new content, music or videos. The interface has a search section at the top, where you can simply enter the keywords of what you want and you will find it in a few seconds, along with a wide variety of resources available for download, all linked to what you are looking for.

It also offers four predetermined sections: Discover, Popular, Top and Categories, where there is a wide promotion of current music and videos. 

How to download videos or music from Snaptube?

To download just click on the “Download” button that will appear next to the audio or video, and that’s it! In seconds, it will be available in your music or video folder – it’s that simple!

By tapping the search tab, located at the top of the interface, it will expand and the application will show you different sections, such as Search history, frequent searches and pop music with different famous artists. They range from MP3 audio format to HD MP4 video up to 1080P, depending on your availability.

Snaptube Music Version for iOS

The new version 4.39.014 of Snaptube Music is out, which is perhaps the best application for you to download the songs you want on your iPhone. With it, you can save your Internet package because you can download your music over Wi-Fi and listen to them later without being connected to the Internet.

Snaptube Music has a wide range of searches, with 11 subcategories, with the option of the most-watched videos, most popular videos, as well as daily recommendations. You’ll be able to download your music quickly and easily, as your navigation is greatly simplified, so that when you find what you’re looking for, simply click on the song that will go straight to your iPhone.

You can also choose the quality of the file you want to download, preventing the memory of your phone from being overloaded, as well as choosing whether to download the entire album of that artist or just some of his songs. If you didn’t know how to download music on iPhone, Snaptube Music is surely the app that solves your need.

Snaptube for mac & PC


Among its features stand out:

  1. Easy, fast and intuitive to use
  2. Low memory consumption
  3. Clean and safe to use
  4. It does not damage the mobile device
  5. Management of downloaded videos

Advantages and disadvantages

Its advantages include:

  • It is virus-free
  • 100% free
  • No limitation of use
  • Permanent updates
  • Download videos or music from Youtube and from social networks
  • Sponsored by renowned media such as Uptodown, 9 Apps, ApkMirror, 1Mobile,, Mobango

Among the disadvantages are:

  1. Not available on Google Play
  2. Unknown application for mobile devices
  3. Available only for the Android operating system
  4. Limitations on downloading content due to the region or country restrictions

How to Install Snaptube?

To download, just look for the official Snaptube page on Google. It is currently available only for the Android operating system. Or if you prefer from the official websites of the sponsors: Uptodown, 9 Apps, ApkMirror, Mobango … for a safe and virus-free download that can damage the security of your data on your mobile device.

Once decided which site to download Snaptube:

  • Go to the download option on the site.
  • Tap and download the file on your mobile device.
  • Once downloaded, look for the file and run the installation, but wait! First, you have to activate the “Unknown sources” option in the configuration of the mobile device, in “Security”, then look for the “Unknown programs” option. Touch and allow the installation of “Unknown applications”, in this way you will allow using the application on the device, and you will not receive annoying warning messages whenever you want to use Snaptube.
  • At this point, the installation can be started. Wait a few seconds for it to complete.
  • Done! The Snaptube icon will appear in mobile device applications.

Step by step to install Snaptube Music on your iPhone

  1. The first step is to access the App Store through your iPhone
  2. Next, the second step is for you to search for Snaptube and perform the installation by clicking Get and then Install 
  3. You will see a Sign In a message, where you should click Use Existing Apple ID 
  4. The next step is for you to enter your Username and Password 
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  6. Wait while Snaptube is downloaded to your iPhone
  7. After the download completes, click Open 
  8. Accept the option that Snaptube wants to send you notifications
  9. Once you have Snaptube Music installed, search for some music
  10. Once you find it, click the “+” icon to download the music to your phone and immediately the desired track will go to your iPhone’s memory
  11. If you don’t want to download, click on the image that Snaptube will only play the desired song
Developer: Chetan Kotecha
Price: Free
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How to download Snaptube on the PC?

You can download Snaptube PC, even if the application does not have a desktop version. This can be done using an Android emulator. The Snaptube interface is very simple, and it is without a doubt a very secure application to download content from YouTube.

With Snaptube for PC, you can play, resume and pause the music or video you are enjoying. The best thing about this application is that it contains no advertising, you can download the files without having to repeatedly close an ad. 

Is Snaptube App Safe?

A lot of people are afraid to download apps via APK, after all, why are they not in the official store of the device? Application store terms of use are very strict and do not allow apps used to download videos or music from other sites. For this reason, Snaptube is not available in the store. However, this is a safe and reliable malware free application! You can download it without fear. Many users use and approve it.

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