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Name: Superlivepro

Description: SuperLivePro is a professional mobile phone client software for digital video recorders and IP cameras in CCTV surveillance.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Iphone

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Key Features

  • I think one reason why the majority of people love this app is that it can take pictures and record videos. It is officially available for Android and iOS devices. There is no specific version for your windows or mac but there is a way you can install and use it on your PC. For PC, this app can take pictures with a single shot.
  • The other thing is that this app is easy to navigate and use. It has a very user-friendly user interface which gives simple and easy channels of operation.
  • The other thing is that this app supports almost all CCTV cameras. You don’t have to worry about its compatibility with a specific camera in the market.

You may have been looking an app that will give you security over some of your sensitive device/gadgets but there’s no need to search any longer because with super live pro your security is assured. Superlive pro is an application that will enable you to have a full cause of security over your home and business.

Super live pro because of its unique features have overtime catch the attention of many. A lot of people feel the need to have it on their computer device but don’t know what to do and how to go about it. Worry no more; we are here because of you. Well show you simple steps on how to get superlive pro on PC in just some simple ways. It doesn’t take time, trust me.

How SuperLivePro can give your Home or Business a sense of security:

Super live pro was specially designed to help users protect themselves from some known or unknown attacks. With superlive pro you can get to know everything happening your home or business place on your mobile by connecting your house CCTV cameras to your mobile and will be able to monitor it anytime anywhere.

Super live pro operates with any type of camera, you will not need to start spending money buying some new other cameras to be able to use superlive pro. This makes it one of the best unlike others which do not support all type of cameras. Super live pro reduces time and make it more fun to use.

Bluestacks Android emulator for SuperLivePro On your system:

Bluestacks is the most widely used Android emulator so far especially for gamers. But, not limited to gamers alone. It is also a very good choice when looking for means of installing superlive pro with ease on your personal computers. That graphics option cannot be compared to another, its layout is incredible, it enables one to have a access over the keyboard by editing to make it look beautiful. You can also create shortcuts for easy access and easy running of the program.

It has some few Ads that make some complain of the emulator but to others the Ads is not a problem so far it offers them opportunity to successfully do what they want to do.

Bluestacks is a free app that is available for installation anytime, launching Bluestacks and setting up superlive pro is not a hard thing to achieve. Check what you need to do below;

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator
  2. Log in to your Google account after the installation process has been completed.
  3. Go to Google play store
  4. Using the search icon, search for Superlive pro
  5. Download and install.
superlivepro for pc

Andy Android Emulator for SuperLivePro On your system:

Andy is a great Android emulator that will help you successfully launch superlive pro on your computer system. It works the same way as Bluestacks but have some fewer Ads in it. It is very fast to use with some unique incredible features that gives clear images and fast performance.

Andy Android emulator file size is quite much so before installing take note of your available space or free up some space if need be. But if there’s nothing to do to free up some space on your computer you may then decide to use Bluestacks.

Andy is a free app that is available for installation anytime, launching Andy and setting up superlive pro is not a hard thing to achieve. Check what you need to do below;

  • Download Andy Android emulator.
  • Log in to your Google account after the installation process has been completed.
  • Go to Google play store.
  • Using the search icon, search for Superlive pro.
  • Download and install.
Developer: Peng Antai
Price: Free
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  • SuperLivePro Screenshot
  • SuperLivePro Screenshot
  • SuperLivePro Screenshot
  • SuperLivePro Screenshot
  • SuperLivePro Screenshot

Here Are Some Basic Reviews of Super live pro Apk:

Superlive pro is no doubt one of the best apps that promised and fulfilled giving users a mobile security. It is one of the best because it causes no headache to operate; it is very easy and designed in a way that users won’t have to go extra miles to learn how to operate it.

Below we will discuss few out of the unique features of superlive pro:

Simple Layouts:

Some people have made fun of superlivepro for its simplicity and its actually from developers who are unable to do something as unique as this. Never the less, superlive pro is one of the best.  A great app is not the one that is complex but the one that is brilliant and still very easy to use by its users.

You can Record Video and Images anytime anywhere:

Many time, so many of us are fixed with task that have taken most of our time. Many of us have no time to monitor all our security footages. Super live pro was created to make us have a sense of assurance that all is in order that’s why it was customized in a way that it allows users to record videos.

It has a very high quality imaging and recording sense that will enable you gets very neat pictures of all your camera footage.

It provides support for multiple Channels:

Another good reason why using super live pro is never regret is that you can make use or access different camera at once. For example, the ipad version will give you access to about 15 cameras routinely.

You may be thinking if that may hinder the effectiveness of the app but it won’t. You can make use of multiple cameras on the go through when you try to make use of more than 10 cameras at a time, it reduces the efficiency of the app by working slow just a bit. Nut, the real truth is that it does a wonderful work that won’t give you a cause of regret.

The app is very easy to us, especially when you try to switch between multiple feeds. You will just have to go through some lists and select the camera. And you get to see everything happening immediately.

It provides a MultiScreen Views:

Super live pro was designed in a way that you can start viewing as many cameras at once by making use of the super live multi-screen. With this you will have the opportunity of checking different cameras at once.

Multiple displays of your cameras will give you a lot of advantage from helping you to track many feeds at a time to viewing full screen footage of any camera of your choice. Indeed, this app is awesome.

Make Lists of Favorite Cameras:

Superlivepro will give you an opportunity to choose favorite camera among the list of all other multiple cameras. The favorite cameras will most likely be the cameras you like to view the most. This will easily help you to track whatever that is going on.

With this features you can easily change your video feeds by focusing on the most important areas of your house or business to check.

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