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Are you really interested in My Talking Pet app and would you like to try it on your pc? No more worrying about overloads when using this app on your phone.

Enjoy your app on a larger screen now and enjoy a unique PC experience with a keyboard and mouse. With the MEmu mixer, you will have all the amazing functionality that this app offers on your pc.

Key Features of Talking Pet App

  • You have a huge choice of pet to choose from
  • Variety of voice changing available
  • You can add style to your pet
  • You have a 3D animation
  • You can add text for personal memes
Talking Pet App Download
Talking Pet App Download

My Talking Pet Download and Install on PC

Talking Pet for pc
Talking Pet for pc

As mentioned before, we are going to install My Talking Pet on the pc using an android emulator. Choose one of these two methods because they are all effective. We will use a first method with BlueStacks and the other MEmu.

Method 1; Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is arguably the most useful method and emulator for internet users.

  1. Firstly, you should download Bluestacks on your pc before anything.
  2. Next, you will click twice on the downloaded app to install it on your Pc
  3. Now you have to open Bluestacks on your laptop, it may take sometime
  4. On the next screen you have to login to your Google account
  5. Now open Google play store via Bluestacks and click on its icon to open it
  6. After opening Google play store, do a search for “My Talking Pet” and download it.
  7. Once the app appears, click on the app icon to install it on your pc.
  8. After the installation is over, open and start to use.
Talking Pet Download Tutorial

Method 2: Using MEmu

Download My Talking Pet for PC – MEmu Play

MEmu is equally an ideal emulator designed to experience android app on laptops. Its particularity is that, it is design for playing android games on PC. Follow the steps below for the installation of My Talking Pet for PC Windows.

  1. Firstly, download MEmu emulator on your pc via a download link.
  2. Install the emulator once you have finished downloading by double clicking on it.
  3. Be patient because the installation may take some time to start.
  4. As same as Bluestacks, Google Play store is preinstalled in Memu.
  5. Now that the installation is over, you will see Google Play store on the home screen after opening it.
  6. Now open Google play store by double clicking on it
  7. Next open your Google account and do the search for My Talking Pet for PC in our case.
  8. Tap on the app icon to install it on your pc.

Now that you have finally installed My Talking Pet app In your Pc, You will find it installed alongside with either apps on MEmu. Now you can use the app on you window as you can see the app on your android.

Bluestacks and MEmu is not the only emulator that can be useful for the purpose but are highly recommended to install My Talking Pet latest version on your laptop.

 How does my talking pet app work?

Talking Pet app
Talking Pet app

The app has the ability to turn the picture of your pets into a talking gif. It can be a dog or a cat it will be funny to have your pet talking or laughing. After taking the picture of your pet, you have to do a recording with your own voice you can decide to sing or say anything you want it to be reproduced in the gif.

You can still choose photos from your gallery and still have the same effects. Make the photos of your pet realistic and share with friend and loved ones on social media.

Alternatives to My Talking Pet App

Here are some alternatives to My Talking Pet.

Talking Tom

Talking Tom is a popular alternative to My Talking Pet still for entertainment purpose. Here you will take with a virtual Tom on your device. This is free and used by billions of people all over the globe. With this app you have a gaming like scenario appreciated by many. Tom is capable of talking back whatever you speak easily. You have the possibility to record videos from your app and share with family or friends.

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is another stunning alternative to My Talking Pet that you will enjoy. With this app you take care of your cat according to his needs in real live though virtual. With this app you have a smart and entertaining cat that you will enjoy all what it offers. You will be capable of taking care of your cat properly That is, the cat should sleep properly, have dinner and breakfast on time, and equally let him play multigame. What is wonderful about this app is that Tom grows and become an adult. You can equally play various games with Tom like driving, balloons, links and many others.

Talking Pet App for PC
Talking Pet App for PC

Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog is about a retire chemistry professor who enjoys his retirement by reading newspaper, eating, drinking and enjoying other stuff. You can have a conversation with him and tickle him all over his body as well. You can equally make him fold his newspaper and say whatever you want him to repeat. What’s much funny is that you can slap, tickle and make him so much things on his hands feet face to irritate him. As other similar apps, you can record videos and share them with friends on Facebook. Bonus, you can have a telephone conversation with him.


My Talking Pet for pc is one of the best apps developed in the Entertainment category and is now available for pc using android emulators.

Above is a detail guide on how to download and install My Talking Pet for PC using two of the best emulators? You can use either method to install the app in your pc.

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