Tonebridge for pc / Mac | Free Download | Windows 7, 8, 10

Tonebridge for pc
Tonebridge for pc

Name: Tonebridge Guitar Effects

Description: Tonebridge will give you the sound of the original song even if you don't have any special guiter Knowledge for the beginners. Though there is no version of Tonebridge for pc but you can still use it by using an emulator.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iPhone, Pc, Mac

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Tonebridge is an app that emulates guitar amplifiers and effects pedals that helps when you want to just play a song and you want your guitar sound all in one piece. Tonebridge is an impressive App that is available both on android, iOS available on pc.


The impressive thing about this app is that it pretty much nails any song you ask for without you tweaking unnecessarily.


Unless you have an operating system of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac, you might not be able to download the pc version. The fact that there is no pc version for the Tonebridge guitar effects available for other operating systems could be a total turn off unless you use an android emulator that runs android apps on pc.

Hey Rockstar! Have you ever wanted to practice your guitar lessons but felt limited because you lacked a physical amplifier? Tonebridge is an app that emulates guitar amplifiers and effects pedals that helps when you want to just play a song and you want your guitar sound all in one piece.

Tonebridge is an impressive App that is available both on android, iOS available on pc.

if you are someone that spends a lot of time around guitar gear forums then you should be familiar with the concept of tone chasing. Tone chasing is simply the very expensive process of upgrading your gear to get the exact same result that you’re expecting from the sound. The craziest thing Tonebridge does is that it gives you almost the exact same sounds from the records. So, you could give Tonebridge a try if you are trying to score a song instead of spending hours and days trying to learn with music sheets from scratch to finish.

Key Features of Tonebridge Guitar Effects App

Audio Unit features 

Audio units are like mini-apps that work inside another app. So, this makes it possible for Tonebridge to be opened inside an Audio unit host app, for example, GarageBand. Instead of switching between apps or minimize one before you can access either of them.

Without flipping between apps, all you need is now in one place. You can also choose to open as many as instances of an audio unit or list, and each one retains its settings at the time you click and open up your GarageBand file. It is a very neat feature you should have although you can not save any of your tweak files in the Tone section. 

tonebridge for Mac

Tone Wizard

The Tone Wizard feature gives you access to the “gear” view, this is basically a chain of little icons of actual guitar pedals with sliders under them for changing parameters with just a little click on the setting icon.

This feature is only made available with a subscription of 6$ per month although you get a three-day trial to check out the feature. When you are using this feature, you will be able to tweak the settings as much as you like and also explore the pedals and amps that are responsible for every tone it gives. 

9000+ songs from 1000+ artists

The app comprises of a huge collection presets for popular songs of different genres including Rock and much more. These presets were handpicked by Ultimate Guitar editors so you can be sure of its actual sounds.

The app also provides you with 7500+ demo samples for effect preview. Even if you can not find the song you want, this app possesses a preset request option that allows you to get preset that is not already included in the app and it also possesses pedalboards that enable you to flip quickly between preset.

Works with every guitar

These preset that the app exposes you to sound great on every guitar you are connected to. It even allows you to play heavy metal on an old Fender and the sound will still sound familiar. It gives you intelligent feedback and has a noise reduction system to project a clear sound.

The Tonebridge app is compatible with Ampkit Link, iRig, iRig2but it does not support USB connection devices like Guitar Link, UCG102, Behringer, HD, HD 2, iRig UA, or iRig pro. Because these devices use USB for connection and only adaptors that use a headphone port for connection are supported.

How to download and install Tonebridge for pc

The Tonebridge Guitar Effects App was originally published for android OS operated mobile devices but it is very much possible for you to take benefit of Tonebridge Guitar Effects App for PC or Mac computer that runs on Windows 7, 8 or even 10 or higher and Mac.

To download and install follow these following steps:

  • Choose an Android emulator which basically allows you to run android apps on your pc. A few good ones I would recommend are Bluestacks, Nox App player, Andy OS, MeMu and you can download more of them from google. There are both free and paid apps that offer different services so just select one you can work with. Remember to check the eligibility of your pc for emulator on your pc before you download. For example, Bluestacks requires Windows Vista SP2, XP SP3 (32 bit only), Mac OS Sierra (10.12), Windows 10, 8.1,8,7, High Sierra (10.13), 2-4 GB of RAM, 4GB of disk space for storing Android apps or game and updated graphics drivers. Although the android emulator might slow down the performance of your pc, it gets the job done.
  • After you download the emulator, link your Google account with your preferred emulator as the emulator works like you have a new smartphone working on your pc. Search your google play store for the Tonebridge guitar effects APK file and install immediately. 
  • Follow all the instructions as the APK file will direct you on how to get started.  You will need to click on the accept button to accept the EULA License agreement. There you have it on your pc!

How to connect your guitar to Tonebridge on pc

You can connect your guitar by connecting the headphone jack after running the app on your android emulator instead of via USB OTG like Deplike.

Using Tonebridge is quite simple and straight forward as there are tons of presets to choose from plus if you go to the workshop menu in the app you will be able to create your own preset and upload it to make it available for others to use and download. While exploring the app, it is also user-friendly and possesses a lot of extra features if you will only explore the app more.

If you find the app difficult to use or you are open to finding alternative apps that possess similar features, you can explore Fusion Guitar or Acpad.

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