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Toon Blast For PC
Toon Blast for pc

Name: Toon Blast

Description: If you enjoy puzzle solving games a lot, then you are going to love this game. The game is done in a fun way with a funny tune cartoon. However, this does not mean that this game is for kids. This game is perfect for kids who understand puzzle solving, and the kids who play this game will definitely activate their brain cells and increase their intelligence and focus. But this fun cartoon game is also a real challenge for the elderly. I think this game is more challenging for older people than for some young kids.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS

Application Category: Games

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Key Features:

  • The puzzle is funny and brilliant
  • The game is interesting for both kids and adults
  • Teamwork brings bonuses
  • Works on cheap and outdated devices
  • Versatile gameplay
  • Different power ups and missions
  • Social aspects with Facebook
  • Easy control


  • Although challenging, this game is fun and easy.
  • It is addictive and engages the player well.
  • The creature’s characters are cheerful and colorful.
  • It also has a soundtrack that attracts young players.


  • The game is very easy at first but later on it is so challenging that it is less enjoyable for adult players.

The goal of Toon Blast is to match cubes of the same color of 2 or more and to pass a level, you have to destroy a certain number of cubes with the given color. There are many levels in this game, you have to pass the previous levels to go to the next level and you can buy this boost.

The game is extremely challenging because the size of a playground is always changing and at higher levels it becomes difficult. Also, the cubes that need to be destroyed at the higher levels are too many in number and you have to think hard to reach a level and you will probably have to use multiple special items to reach the level.

Features Of Toon Blast App:

  • Finish a lot of challenging levels and unlock new episodes.
  • Play around with unique game objectives.
  • Unlock explosive boosters to explode on your way to the next level.
  • Collect the stars by completing the levels efficiently.
  • Build your team and compete with others.
  • Earn life from keeping your partner in play.
  • The game is simple and fun to challenge.

Download Toon Blast for PC:

If you want to play this game on PC, you can download from the Microsoft Store.

  1. Go your Start menu and click on Microsoft Store icon.
  2. Search Toon Blast when Microsoft Store launches.
  3. Click the Toon Blast icon and then click the Get button.
  4. Then Log In with your E-mail ID and Password, and then the download will start. It will take some time.
  5. You will receive a notification when the download is complete. Then you can start the game or pin it to the Start menu.

Download Toon Blast for Android:

  • Go to the Android phone’s Play Store and find the Toon Blast game.
  • Then click the Toon Blast game
  • And then click Install.

Open and enjoy the game.

Toon Blast
Toon Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free+
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  • Toon Blast Screenshot
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  • Toon Blast Screenshot

How to Play Toon Blast App:

Start working from the bottom

Start by adjusting the block at the bottom of the screen, not matching the top of the screen. Combining blocks from the bottom not only allows for more new blocks to be released but also increases the likelihood of compressing cubes of the same color together.

Focus on the purpose

Each level has different purposes, such as clearing a certain colored block or encouraging the duck to come down to the screen. There is nothing to move on to something that is not related to the purpose so don’t do it.

Set up the blocks

Instead of randomly matching a two-block combination, try setting up a few more blocks that you can compress. The more blocks you put together, the better. Whenever you combine four or more you will get a special block so try to aim for them whenever you have the chance.

Try for double combos

The combined combo is stronger than a standard combo. If you have created a combo, try not to use it now if you do not need it. Instead, look for ways to create more combo nearby so that you can merge them for even more results. Using more than one combo often clears a large part of the game board.

Use life when needed

Even if you have five lives, the best thing you can do is live as fast as you can. You can bank them in another tab and then use them if you need more life.

Use boosters responsibly

Boosters are items that you can use to help you on your way during your puzzle, and some of them can be incredibly effective. Boxing Glove will clear an entire row for you, while an anvil can clear an entire column. The hammers will destroy single blocks and will replace all blocks in the dicing grid. Good when you are struggling for the right action.

Alternatives For Toon Blast APK:

Candy Blast Mania

Free to play Candy Blast Mania. You can spend money to buy items on the app. You can disable the payment feature by limiting in-app purchases to your device’s settings under “Allowed Content.” Also, Candy Blast Mania can link to social media services like Facebook. Storm 8 Studios will have access to your information through this type of service.

Toy Blast

Combine boosters for a huge explosion to blend your way through thousands of levels of cubes of the same color. Including the most interesting puzzle, you will ever solve. There are many possibilities, and your talent will play an important role in making Toy Blast efficient in solving the puzzle. Experience the greatest adventure in infinite episodes in the most colorful land of toys in the world.

Candy Crush Saga

Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart action and be rewarded with delicious rainbow cascades and delicious candy combos. Use your booster to brainstorm these extra sticky puzzles and plan your moves consistently with three or more candies! Blast chocolate and collect sweet candy across thousands of layers, guaranteed to get you even more excited!

Angry Birds Blast

In Angry Birds Blast the birds are trapped in balloons, and you can bet that the pigs are behind it. Break the shaking balloons into pieces. Use your balloon-bustin ‘skills to get rid of pigs and save birds at more than 1000 egg-sealant levels. Find the smartest way to solve the puzzle, crack a high score, and earn three stars.


When and how do I create a team to blast the toon?

In Toon Blast, you have to beat the level 20 to be able to build a team. Once you’ve finished level 20, you can easily join a group using the “Groups” tab!

Is Toon Blast Games Free On iPhone?

Toon Blast is a free game for the iPhone and has been developed by Peak Games. This game is available in Russian, French, English, German, Turkish, Italian and Spanish. This software program is very likely to be clean.

How do you change your name in Toon Blast?

  1. Click the Settings menu button.
  2. Click the Change Name button.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Enter the name a second time to confirm the spelling of the name.
  5. Click the Yes button to change the name.


This game is for kids, adults and adults who want to spend some leisure time playing this game. If you want to play the game, you can invite your friends and challenge them to beat their high scores.

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