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Name: Torque Pro apk

Description: Torque is a performance control device that diagnoses a vehicle or automobile. It is used as a scanner as well. The Torque software helps you to test the vehicle details in real-time. It operates with an OBD 2 adapter from Bluetooth. This system is connected to one engine or ECU of OBD 2. It uses GPS to tracklogs as well. Unlike a Scantool, DTC can be reset by Torque Pro Apk. The issues with the vehicles can be overcome by using Torque.

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Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Communication

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Key Features

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be read by Torque Pro Ap.
  • Horsepower and dynometer.
  • It sends tweets to Twitter automatically with GPS tagging.
  • The log information is sent to the web or via e-mail.
  • Profiles and dashboards are customized.
  • Full fault code database for different manufacturers to search.
  • Transmission temperatures can be read with Torque Pro Apk 2020.
  • You can have a video of your trip using a track recording app. For that, your vehicle needs a black box. ‘Torque Pro is considered to be the exact speed of the engine.
  • Themes can be updated in a different format for your database.
  • In the night driving, the MPG (Heads Up Display) facility is open. ThSocialedia like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks that share screenshots.
  • The vehicle uploaded to the Web is monitoring GPS and distance.
  • The car dock is sponsored.
  • The new edition worked on mobile devices such as Dell Streak, Xoom Lenovo, Galaxy Tab Samsung and more.
  • The Turbo boost cathe capabilities of vehicles supporting MAP and MAF sensors.
  • Overlapping alerts and alarms.


  • Torque Pro is one of the most popular android reader software app in the Play Store, and features and supported detectors, and many widgets and plug-ins that are based on them.
  • Monitor in Realtime your car operation, obtain OBD code errors, efficiency of the vehicle, sensor information and other information. This is an OBD II Bluetooth adaptor, connected to the OBD2 motor control / ECU. Torque is a vehicle effective and diagnostics instrument.
  • With the controls in the program, you can build a custom dashboard. The program uses the GPS so that tracker logs can see your car’s function at any time using the OBD logger.


  • Heavy use of batteries.

We assume that high battery usage can be a big obstacle in using this app.

  • Incompatible with certain cars

The customers should be careful to check every Application Development Team. In Archer Software, for example, we either meet the requirements of our customers or ensure the environmentally sustainable implementation of our software solutions.

Torque Pro Apk install

Go to Google Play and search “Torque Pro”; You will find the app, purchase and install as a regular app. Here is more useful information on this:

Essentially, your Android device needs to activate unknown sources. The app allows the user to access any file from sources from third parties.

Just open and start the installation by clicking the install button after you have downloaded the Torque Pro Apk file.

So only open the device installed on your smartphone after the installation is completed.

How to use Torque pro

If you have no OBD2 scan tool yet, you will need an OBD2 scan tool! We love the adapters BAFX and Foseal.

The steps to use Torque Pro are fast. It is difficult to develop your PIDs and to make a comprehensive diagnosis. More details on the official Torque Website you can also read in-depth.

You need to

  • Locate and plug your OBD2 port into the OBD2 search device (BAFX or Fossil are like us). This is normally found on the driver’s side in the row below the steering wheel. Google will help you to find it if you ask.
  • Turn the key to “On” or “Accessory.” You don’t have to power the motor.
  • Bluetooth to pair your phone with the app. On your phone click on the Bluetooth button and ‘Check Apps,’. Pick the adapter.
  • Pro tip: normally the password is ‘0000’ or ‘1234’ Now start your phone’s torque app!


      Torque Pro apk is an app I will sincerely recommend to anyone because of the following reasons:

✓ Torque is a vital element in the arsenal of each car owner with a wide range of characteristics, capabilities and extra components. For owners who want a cheap and easy alternative, this Android app is completely important because it will notify you of an abundance of important information about results, protection and fault codes.

✓ The normal practice is for the dealer when the engine light is ON. The entire appointment process and the value of the fault code would be billed for hundreds of dollars. There is no job there, and there are no bits.

✓ The Torque OBD2 enables car owners not only to deal with obvious vehicle issues and easily, but also to make considerable savings by reducing visitor costs, too costly machinery and repair shops.

✓With the OBD2 scanner and Torque Pro apps, you can save thousands of dollars in car repairs. It also enhances the awareness of the role of the motor system

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

What is Torque? 

Torque is an OBD2 performance and diagnostic tool for all apps that run an Android operating system. It will allow you to access the many sensors in your Engine Manager motor vehicle and both view problem codes and clear them. Like the more expensive scans like My Innova 3100, it can read trouble-free codes (here known as TCs) and reset the Test Engine Light (CEL).

What’s the cost, is it free? 

It cost $4.95 

Is my car going to work?

That depends on your sedan, motorcycle, SUV and even SUT, most cars manufactured in 1996 and have the so-called OBDII engines. For certain rare cases, vehicles from 1995 are used, although this is a particular case. The fords use either MS-CAN (OBD) or J1850PWM (OBD regulated)  here J1850 was the only issue with the SD trucks.

Best Alternatives for Torque pro apk

OBD Auto Doctor 

Clear test engine light (MIL), read DTCs, track engine output and save money using OBD Auto Doctor and OBD automotive diagnostic tools.


DashCommand is your car’s program. It transforms your iPhone / iPad / iPod in a state-of-the-art show. Would you like to know why the light search engine continues? See what your horsepower, torque or acceleration is with DashCommand. Want to know in real-time? Show DashCommand with it.

OBD Car Doctor

Reads in real-time and saved OBD-II compliant car ECU parameters. PIDs for cars with 2 or more ECU service data reading


FORScan is a Ford, Chevrolet, Lincoln or Mercury software scanner OBD2 designed to run on ELM327 and RS232 compatible converter OBD2.

OBD Dash

OBD dash is an app for the treatment of driving issues by OBD. It supports the most common uses of the OBD II system: Live Sensor data views (SAE J1979), active diagnostic code reading and clearing (DTC) issues


Torque Pro is intended for any vehicle using the standard OBD2 protocol. It covers several vehicles produced after 2000 and a wide number of vehicles produced after 1996. The compatibility control of OBD2 is a simple job and requires only a control of the motor bay for a mark designated as OBD2. Torque is your Android smartphone’s state of the art vehicle diagnostic and output scanner app. The Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 adapter must have the Torque software.

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