Tunein Radio pro Apk for Android

Tune in Radio pro for Android

Name: Tune in Radio pro

Description: Tune-in Radio pro was founded in the year 2002 as Radio Time before it was later changed to Tune-in which always performs in a very unique way. Even after a great depreciation in the usage of radio mobile application my millions of people. Tune-in Radio pro is still being in use by millions of people around the globe. After first payment, it requires no other payment and you can enjoy more than a hundred thousand radio channels and millions of music, news, entertainment sports and podcasts shows.

Offer price: $12.99

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features

  • Access to multiple radio stations in the areas of entertainment, news, sports and many more.
  • A very good sound quality.
  • It transmits high quality audio channels globally.
  • Access to radio stations in other regions.

TuneIn Radio App


People no longer develop an interest in mobile radio application since the introduction of different online TV’s applications like sling TV, Tubi TV, Spectrum TV, etc. listening to the radio on android phone is gradually going down because people no longer really develop an interest in it and even radio application is already few and developers are not even ready to add new features on them.

In furtherance, the two activities that happen to be the best form of entertainment for humans are watching and listening and the most interesting part of it is that you can satisfy these needs with an all in one service through just one Android App.

Seeing movies or TV shows can be more interesting at times with Show box. For someone who loves to listen to TV programs, news update or listen to trending music, Radio Pro is the perfect choice to tune in to.




Tune In interface is primarily designed in other to help users in getting their favorite channels swiftly. Favorite stations are saved in the favorite section of the app for continued easy access. Login in via Google, Facebook, or TuneIn account helps users manage their favorite stations.

Stations are been displayed categorically by the application thereby giving users the avenue to effortlessly get their best love genre quickly. A good example is a sports lover; it is very certain that sport section will be such person choice. And one of the interesting part is that there are smaller categories like sports or tournament.

Furthermore, certain specific location helps users to easily find stations. Stations can be chosen from Europe, Africa, Asia and more. 


With the Tune In app, forgetting that favorite radio program of yours is not a problem because a ‘Set Alarm’ feature is embedded in it already.

More so, the ‘Set Alarm’ function can be make operative when a station is been chosen at the adumbrated icon displayed on the screen. In addition, setting an alarm at your own ease to be repeated daily or on a daily basis is a very easy thing to do.


  • Music has been so easy like never before with Tune in Radio Pro from Entertainment programs to Updating news and lots more.
  • It comes with a perfect listening experience for users by providing an ads free player.
  • With a weak network connection to browse the web or see videos online, you still have easy access to news update and also listen to entertainment content. In which, over a thousand (1000) different radio stations around the world are been offered by Tune in Radio Pro. 
  • The content comes with an all – time satisfaction. Upgrading to premium account gives you exclusive access to entertainment content like NFL, MLB, NHL & NBA while it also enables you to listen to more advanced programs.
  • What Tune in Radio Pro does is to allow you listen to music from live radio channels but it does not offer streaming service like Spotify Premium.

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There are currently two different versions of this application which are: Tune In Radio and Tune In Radio Pro. Below are the differences between these two versions:

Tune In Radio is free. Over 100,000 radio stations can be accessed and also with over 5.7M different podcasts. Some ads come up during use of this free version.

Tune-In Radio Pro, been the paid version cost about $12.99 on the App Store and Google Play. Payment can be done once with use permanently thereafter.

It consists of series of advanced features which will enable you to record your favorite shows on the Pro version.

For Tune-In Premium to be used, been an advanced service, payment of monthly fees by users is required. By upgrading to a Premium account, the following benefits will be received. Live broadcasts from NFL, MLB, NHL & NBA all through the season.

You can also enjoy over 600 exclusive commercial music stations with no ads.

How To Download And Install:

  • Open your Google play store.
  • Input the name of the application into the search box at the top of the Google play App.
  • Search and click on the icon of the Tune-in Radio App.
  • Wait till it is fully installed.
  • After installation, launch the application.


  • •    On your Android device: Go to settings.
  • •    “Go to device Administration options”.
  • •    Tap on the security icon.
  • •    Enable install App from ‘unknown sources’.
  • •    Click on “install package disabler pro button above”.
  • •    Save the file anywhere, I will recommend you save in your device Downloads.
  • •    Open your phone storage to locate the downloaded App.
  • •    Then install.
  • •    Installing will not take too much of time to finish.
  • •    After installation, launch the application and start using it immediately.


F asked Qustion

Q: Can I Download And Unlock All The Features In The Premium Version For Free?

A: No, but the editors have been working on how to make all the features accessible to everyone. The premium version is priced $6 on the app market. You will need a paypal or VISA card to buy it



Looking for the best alternatives to Tune-in Radio pro, streaming apps are the best. An example of streaming app is Pandora which also has a lot of radio stations which also includes listening to different music of your choice.

Pandora will even help tell you when there is a new radio stations. The music streaming applications will give you access to so many other features. Almost all the features of Tune-in radio can be used on Pandora.


Jango is a very simple internet radio Application that offers a wide variety of radio stations, different categories of music can be used. It has different genres of music and each genre consist of different radio stations, which means you will have access to hundreds of radio stations on the App.


  • •    Open your Google play store.
  • •    Input the name of the application into the search box at the top of the Google play App.
  • •    Search and click on the icon of the App.
  • •    Wait till it is fully installed.
  • •    After installation, launch the application.


Tune-in radio pro is a very good application that supports thousands of radio stations globally. You can enjoy radio channels with different language with a whole lot of positive features. With Tune-in radio all the features listed above can be unlocked.

If you come across any problem during the cause of installation drop your comments below.

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