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Description: In the last few years, the TV series is gaining more and more success, thanks to the commitment and investments that the big producers are dedicated to this phenomenon. You are looking for a solution to continue to watch all the episodes you want directly from your computer, from your tablet and, why not, from your smartphone via your home Internet connection. Did I guess it? Then don't worry, because in this guide I will show you how to watch streaming TV shows and series online for free without downloading.

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We are used to seeing TV series that are more and more beautiful and exciting to come out every year, in new chapters or completely new. The way of viewing TV series is increasingly evolving and the solutions, services, and sites are multiplied, with thousands of pirated portals alongside valid legal services such as Netflix. 

Are there any illegal ways to watch the streaming shows?

Illegal sites continue to be highly appreciated because by not respecting the licenses they publish all or almost all the series that are transmitted. On the other hand, these sites rarely offer episodes in high definition, they must also monetize to support themselves, and can hardly access the most profitable advertisements, so they are often full of announcements and sometimes even annoying popups and miner scripts.

In this article we will see all the sites and services to watch TV series in streaming that can be found on the net, of both types, all for illustrative purposes only. Download and share illegally from the Internet audiovisual material protected by copyright is a criminal offense, it is not our intention to encourage piracy, therefore we disclaim any responsibility for the use of this information came. We advise you to use the legal services to see the series, they are comfortable, they don’t have advertising, they don’t have long buffering, they often allow you to enjoy the episodes in high definition, they are safe and respect the law.

Most international portals that talk about pirated streaming sites recommend using a VPN to ensure security. We have dedicated an in-depth look at the best VPNs for streaming below in the article.

Some of the Legal Platforms to Stream TV Shows and Movies Online

TubiTV (

Tubi TV is not a new platform in the market. The streaming assistance has piled on a great many downloads from both Android and iOS clients. It’s loaded with a huge number of TV shows and movies, which are all allowed to watch free of cost. You don’t have to register for an account on the off chance that you would prefer not to. That is on the grounds that Tubi TV’s stuff is promotion assisted − you’ll see ads previously and during anything that you’re viewing. While a few people will definitely do not love that, others favor the advertisements to a membership charge.

Consistently latest shows and films are added to the TubiTv and watchers can even give their updates to the TubiTV to tell them what precisely you need. It’s additionally accessible on a wide assortment of gadgets, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, and shrewd TVs. You can get to it through these programs as well.

Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme
Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme
Developer: Tubi TV
Price: To be announced
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot

Crackle (

Crackle is an advertisement assisted streaming platform, that makes films, TV shows, and unique web series. It implies that the facility is free and no membership expense is required, yet you do need to watch promotions while watching your favorite shows. Crackle began as an online video website called Grouper before being obtained by Sony. Relaunched as Crackle, it is presently one of the most famous free video streaming platforms available. It is likewise one of the best and free of cost streaming platforms to offer excellent unique scripted shows and films.

Crackle has created various unique TV programs. Crackle has an extraordinary choice of TV programs alongside free films. While you needn’t bother with participation to Crackle, pursuing a free of cost account enables you to get shows and films with the latest relevant point of interest while monitoring your history. By and large, Crackle is one of the most excellent free streaming platforms.

PopcornFlix (

Streaming and downloading films and TV shows for free of charge are frequently unlawful on the grounds that sites can’t assist costly films and TV shows permitting without promoting or a paid viewing platform. In any case, there are a few sites that do stream lawfully without charging you by utilizing Community rules, films that are out of copyright, and commercials, which help to pay for permitting costs. Popcornflix is one of those destinations, and it offers two free applications for use on Android gadgets (such as Amazon Fire Stick, and so forth.) just as for iOS, enabling you to access and stream their inventory any place where you can access the internet.

Popcornflix has an enormous library. The interface is extremely simple to utilize (films are anything but difficult to look and discover), and they have a lot of titles that will keep a great many people occupied. Generally speaking, Popcornflix is outstanding amongst other free and legitimate free streaming destinations out there, particularly since it highlights applications for mainstream innovation, incorporates a kids’ adaptation, and consistently includes new films.

SnagFilms (

SnagFilms has a large number of free TV shows and films you can watch on the web. There aren’t plenty of promotions you will be viewing while watching your content and there are a lot of top-notch films to stream. SnagFilms has a variety of films they prescribe you to watch, but at the same time, there’s a segment of the site for new and prominent films so you can keep yourself updated with what others are viewing. SnagFilms additionally keeps a few films in assortments with the goal that you can discover those films that are related to each other regardless of whether they’re not in a similar category.

SnagFilms is one of the uncommon and free video streaming platforms that offer excellent TV shows and films, which is extremely extraordinary considering most movies on other comparable sites are of DVD quality. SnagFilms has to promote, as most different sites that offer free streaming stuff, however, they’re truly aren’t that many. In contrast to comparative sites, SnagFilms doesn’t demonstrate where the advertisements are set inside a video. However, there appeared to be a few in the greater part of the videos we’ve watched, which is fairly thin contrasted with other free video streaming platforms.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming TV platform that has a couple of well-known systems and focused on live, on-request content and so forth. Being the origin of all the viewed stuff for Vizio’s WatchFree administration, which comes with a package on its 4K TVs. Pluto TV offers a tempting assortment of more than hundreds of stations and a huge number of free TV shows and free films free of cost.

Choosing this service completely relies upon how irritating you feel the 30-second advertisements, which tend to show up at clumsy minutes, such as during a crucial or interesting scene in a film. What’s more, with up to four of the advertisements straight at once, it will feel a great deal like a conventional TV, so don’t expect the promotion free experience that other paid streaming platforms are offering. 

Yidio (

Yidio assembles films and other shows through Vudu, Amazon, Crackle, Hulu, Netflix, and several different sources, another thing you have to keep in mind is that not each film or videos is allowed to watch free of cost. Some films require a single time payment option which is required for the membership of the platform. Luckily, in any case, there is a free area of the site that shows only the free films. To discover free Shows or videos on Yidio, you need to tap on the film and search for a title under the spread picture that says Totally Free. 

In the event that there is an area with the expectation of complimentary films and shows, you’ll either have the option to watch the film on Yidios site or a connection will take you somewhere else to watch selected video, such as Popcornflix, Vudu, or IMDb TV. There’s even a committed segment of Yidio’s site that gives you free films on Netflix.

Vudu (

Vudu platform is an online film and TV show rental assistance and previous it was a set-top box maker. Despite the fact that the organization stopped assembling set-top boxes around the time they were obtained by the retail investor, Walmart, in 2010, regardless it offers its web streaming administrations. It has an immense library of titles that you can lease exclusively, including loads of latest films and current TV programs. It is a perfect platform on the off chance that you just need to watch certain shows, and needn’t bother with a far-reaching library or paying for a membership.

Vudu platform is another awesome place which offers its viewers both the free and premium stuff. You can make a record for nothing and pursue a large number of network shows and films. Nonetheless, you additionally have the alternative to purchase or lease the most recent blockbuster hits. Vudu Premium will suit the individuals who rarely watch TV programs or films, who would prefer to simply pick chosen content at times. It permits you opportunity and control, and you won’t wind up paying for content that you don’t watch.

Some totally safe semi-legal Free TV shows and Movies Streaming Websites that can be utilized through VPN service without any issues

LookMovie (

LookMovie is a superb site to stream films and favorite shows on the web. Additionally, the site has a magnificent interface. For instance, it is really effortless to discover content on this site. Lookmovie can be described as perfect enjoyment and full of a fun platform for watchers around the world. Give me a chance to give you a few more details of the platform. As a matter of first importance, clients can discover each recently launched film on the site. In spite of the fact that they have everything, the site offers inclination to the unique stuff. Here on this stage, it is difficult to discover non-HD prints. Clients can locate their TV shows or movies by controlling categories, yearly wise, and so forth.

The category segment is wide on this site. To explain, the listing incorporates TV shows, fiction, war, action, and some more. One can likewise choose content yearly wise. Subsequently, this makes simpler for a client to explore the site. Besides, clients can locate the most recent films on this platform. The listing is vast and incorporates so much to view. Additionally, through the search bar option, you can discover any released films you need to watch. Most importantly, the developers have given some space for TV shows as well. The stuff under this segment can be broken down into the most recent, most viewed, types, etc. Thus, clients will become more acquainted with each of the show or films updated on the site.

BMovies (

Much the same as the MoviesJoy site, BMovies is likewise some things we can say a semi-lawful site in light of the fact that not all the substance has been pirated. There are numerous shows or films which you can watch and it is legitimate aside from a portion of the stuff. To evade that you can utilize a decent VPN service. A reasonable and direct interface that you see when you first visit this site. BMovies just show a conspicuous search box and different classifications on the top at the primary interface. The pop ups and advertisements don’t show up while you are viewing the shows or films, however, they appear on the main dashboard. 

As per a study, BMovies has in excess of millions of visits for each month. In this site, you can watch old and most recent films or TV programs in high quality without charging its viewers a single penny. This site is very well maintained and extremely decent classifications list like Top IMDB, Most watch and the sky’s the limit from there. You can discover any of your fav shows or films which you need to watch since this site has an excellent collection.

We attempted the film listing first, and snap one film. We can quickly able to view the video player. There is also an alternative to bookmarking the film to your preferred listing, however, to do that, you need to enroll for an account first. You don’t have to enroll for an account if you just need to watch the film. When we click the video player, we need to tap the captcha to demonstrate we’re not a robot, and once that is done, the film plays for us. Allover, it works so nicely.

MoviesJoy (

MoviesJoy is a film and TV show streaming platform that permits continuous streaming without any disturbance, with no irritating ads. The site itself doesn’t have any promotions, however, you may once in a while need to watch pre-play ads through the streaming stage (like YouTube). You can get to the entirety of the films and shows without making a record or buy a membership. In the event that you aren’t too stressed over a legitimate stream of films or shows, at that point sites like MoviesJoy are an extraordinary option for you. 

There are two principles for sites like Moviesjoy: one is that it’s totally free, the second is that you aren’t limited to what you can watch (like Netflix and Prime). However, the issue is that you may consider it a semi-legitimate streaming site as a portion of the substance on the site is pirated. We suggest utilizing one of the VPN services which we have referenced in the article.

Perhaps the greatest downside of illegal streaming platforms is that they are typically loaded with irritating and hassling promotions. This is on the grounds that they need to get however much cash-flow from you as could be expected, and have no idea about the client experience. 

There are a couple of pearls on the net where sites will either have a modest quantity of advertisements or no promotions by any means, MoviesJoy is one of those jewels. There are more than 10k+ various shows and films accessible, and a portion of the streaming servers enable the capacity for you to download the media onto your PC. You may need to run any VPN to appreciate this site.

How to block intrusive pop ups on Streaming sites?

All the sites present on the internet, including ours, work and exist thanks to the advertising on their pages and so far everything is ok. But one thing is the advertising that you voluntarily choose to view and one thing is the invasive pop-ups that open up and multiply, becoming really annoying and excessive.

Thanks to the Chrome browser, there are some settings that allow you to block invasive pop-ups while excluding sites with normal advertising content. Let’s see what are the steps to follow:

  • We open the Chrome browser on our computer.
  • We click on the 3 dots that we find in the other on the right under the red ” X ” of closing.
  • A menu will open where you can click on ” Settings “.
  • Scrolling down we click on ” Advanced “.
  • In the ” Privacy and Security ” section, we click on ” Site settings “.
  • In the ” Popup and redirects ” section, we should find the default checkbox as not enabled (recommended option). Even better click on the right of the ” Block ” item on the ” Add ” button, in this way we will be able to insert the link of the site we visit and of which we want to block Pop-ups and redirects.

This little advice will surely be very useful for not being overwhelmed by invasive advertising. However, I would like to remind you that thanks to advertising, most websites can remain online, so advertising is not always to be condemned, but a minimum is always necessary and right.

What are some of the Best VPNs for watching shows and What will be the Streaming Performance?

In general, VPN services do not improve streaming performance and therefore IPTV, the best services allow you to browse at full speed. The VPN services have another function, they are used to maintain anonymity on the network and circumvent the blocks present on the network. Only when the operators filter the connection and therefore cause blocks and clicks, a VPN can facilitate streaming and IPTV.

If you use free IPTV lists (otherwise known as public ones) it is very difficult even to use a good VPN service to improve the situation. In these cases, the lags and blocks depend mostly on the server that transmits the flows. For the reasons we have explained in the previous paragraph, no free VPN will offer you improvements in streaming performance.

VPN services serve to safeguard users’ privacy in an increasingly controlled network, not to guarantee immunity to pirates. Having made this necessary clarification, we happened to make a ranking of the VPN services recommended by the pirates and by the streaming portals we have tried. We have dedicated in-depth reviews to the top VPNs in circulation that are on the list; are valid no log services (which do not keep information about the user), attentive to security, and very good speed:

CyberGhost VPN

You have no problem enjoying CyberGhost for streaming in full anonymity, either through the well-known legal services (of which you can take advantage of the catalog of other countries) or through all the pirated solutions. The VPN works perfectly even with Kodi and IPTV lists. The service offers a series of dedicated streaming servers that are quite fast. 

CyberGhost Blocks all network activity if you are disconnected from the server. It also Blocks ads during browsing. This VPN service assists in Blocking dangerous sites that contain malware, which is again one of the important features they are providing.  CyberGhost Blocks any form of tracking of the activity on the Internet with Automatic HTTPS redirection.

The mobile versions are quite appreciated and offer the same functions as the excellent desktop clients. CyberGhost is a VPN that we recommend without hesitation to those who want to surf safely, bypass territorial blocks and enjoy streaming.


The service fully reflects what we might want from a VPN in the many aspects we have considered (security, performance, number of servers, supported platforms, support service, and very affordable price), we fully understand why is the most recommended service on the net. The service is also recommended by most of the public streaming sites and works well for almost all the streaming sites to watch your favorite shows online.

NordVPN is an almost perfect service, to reach perfection we would have liked to have more options available on the client and the presence of port forwarding. But as I said it is, without doubt, a VPN service that we can strongly recommend. Time to time they offer free trial offers for the new clients who register, you can even take advantage of it.


Unlike competitors, it does not limit the number of devices simultaneously connected to your account. You can connect every device in your home. It almost always offers excellent connection speeds, and has three convenient options:

  • Protocol obfuscation, which allows you to prevent your network provider or systems analyst from discovering that you are using a VPN.
  • MultiHop, which allows you to route the connection through two servers located in different places on the planet so as to make tracking even more difficult.
  • CleanWeb, which is an option that serves to free navigation from advertising and annoying or dangerous elements such as malware. 

SurfShark is a young service, there is enough talk about its client’s bugs online, in our tests on Windows, Android and iOS we did not find any critical issues (probably the bugs found by other reviewers have been fixed in the last few months).


IPVanish is a paid service for network security, it is, in fact, a VPN service that offers the possibility to connect to 1000 fast servers in 60 countries, offers 256-bit data encryption, and strict management policy of the logs. IPVanish is one of the best VPNs to play, it offers many free servers connected via fiber optics, which allows it to achieve excellent performance and low latency. 

This VPN is recommended for file sharing for its fast and performing servers, and because it has no limitation to traffic and connections. The tests showed that it works very well with streaming shows, with IPTV lists, with torrents, etc. There is no free trial, but within the first 7 days, you have the right to withdraw, without having to give any explanation.

Finally, there are many more VPNs available on the web but mostly which are free of cost are not worth using. But, you can always try the free ones too and see if some of them suit you the best. Or, you can try free trials for the paid VPNs and look for the best one which works well according to your requirements. 


There are numerous solutions that you can consider and that will allow you both to access rich catalogs with the TV series. The cost? Well, there are solutions for all budgets, from completely free tools to subscription services (with a trial period) and, in most cases, without contractual restrictions. We are sure that the article helped you to find the solution that best suits your needs, thanks to which you will be able to leave the TV permanently and continue watching your favorite TV shows and series online without any hassle.

If you still left with any of the questions in mind regarding the topic or you have any suggestions for us about the article which we have not covered here, then feel free to comment below and we will surely get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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