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UTorrent Pro Apk
UTorrent Pro Apk

Name: UTorrent Pro

Description: uTorrent Pro Apk is an app that helps you to download virtually anything you love and would wish to have on your Android device. It has low capacity hence occupying fewer resources of your Android device. On the Android platform, you necessarily are going to enjoy the advanced features of the App for free and have an Ad-free experience throughout the operation. In the real sense, uTorrent is a paid version of the uTorrent application that avails to you the advanced features that the free version doesn't give you. uTorrent is available in other platforms such as Windows, macOS and iOS.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Torrent

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Key Features:

✔ No banner ads ✔ Battery Saver feature that suspends torrents when your battery goes below a predefined level ✔ Auto-shutdown feature to save battery + data. Automatically shut down torrenting when downloads are done and app is in background ✔ Lower pricing for a limited time

UTorrent pro for pc is an efficient BitTorrent client with plenty of features that may be utilized for downloading torrent files at a really fast and easy method. Massive files from other torrent sites could be downloaded together with extreme efficiency.

Features of UTorrent Pro Apk:

uTorrent Pro is widely known as a highly secure application that answers all your download needs quickly and efficiently. uTorrent provides you with advanced features that make your download experience one that you live to desire to have again and again. Let’s have a look at these features below.

Friendly Interface.

uTorrent’s neat and straightforward user interface ranks it high above its peers and also makes it even more attractive to use. With the distinct guides on how to use the platform and download items from the site, you can never go wrong with the App.

Light data usage.

There is an option to use a Wi-Fi connection with the App and therefore saving on mobile data, especially when downloading torrent files.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Download file size.

With uTorrent, you get to enjoy an ever-growing rate of data transfer across your download path. You get to download files of any size with ease.

Supports diverse languages.

You get to download your movies, files and software at the language you understand best as uTorrent accommodates a lot of the popular languages in the world.

Seamless Download process.

With uTorrent, you can pause your download process and pick it up from the place it stopped. You, therefore, won’t have fears of failed downloads when you switch off your data or when using poor connectivity.


The application is less complicated and thus can be used in low-end devices which operates on low memory and have low network connectivity ranges like 2G or 3G devices. This means you can enjoy the services of uTorrent from practically any Android device.

How to Install the App on different Operating Systems:


  • Open your Google Appstore.
  • Search for uTorrent and click on the pop-up.
  • Click on the “Install” button to start the download and installation process.
  • The installation will run for about five minutes after which your App will be ready to use. Click on the App’s icon to launch it.
µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App
µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App
Developer: BitTorrent, Inc.
Price: 3,09 €
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot
  • µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App Screenshot


  1. The process begins with getting a download manager to help you install uTorrent on your iOS device. You can use iDownloader or iTransmission. However, iTransmission is highly recommended when installing uTorrent.
  2. You have to make sure that your iOS device is registered. Once done, you can open the iTransmission app page and search for uTorrent and click on “Install” to get your App on your device.


  • Go to http://www.utorrent.com/ and download the uTorrent App.
  • Open your favourite browser and launch it.
  • Please search for your favourite torrents and start downloading them for your use.

Windows (PC).

  1. Go to http://www.utorrent.com/ and click on the green “Download” toolbar once you get to the uTorrent site.
  2. Select windows on the right hand of the screen then click on “Download Now” and go ahead to click “Save” to save the file to your preferred destination.
  3. Double click on the App file you downloaded to launch it on your PC.

Alternative Apps for UTorrent Pro Apk:


If you’re in search of uTorrent’s alternative that incorporates slight changes from what uTorrent offers, then BitTorrent is your answer. It is almost exactly in almost everything that uTorrent has with a few difference in logo and colour changes. It is characterized by Adware and Ads and has a Pro version with better features. Download here.


It is known for being an open-source torrent client that is free from crapware and Ads, among others. It brags of other great features hidden within it, with a simple interface being one of these features. It is mostly used by Mac and Linux users.


It shares the same BitTorrent source code with uTorrent. It has a very simple user interface, but one that is not very clear compared to uTorrent. It has an option of downloading plugins to help you enjoy extra functions.


There is no better way to get your torrent files right into your device than using uTorrent Pro for these services. Get yours today and join the majority who are already accessing uTorrent.

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