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Veryfit Pro For PC
veryfitpro for pc

Name: Veryfit Pro

Description: Veryfit Pro is an all-inclusive activity tracker android app to track not only your heart rate and the number of calories burnt but also the sleep patterns and steps are taken to achieve your fitness goals.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Health

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Key Features

1. Record every movement accurately. 2. Plenty of personal reminders.Call, SMS, WeChat, QQ, email and other personal reminder, do not miss every important information; Sitting is a great way to keep your health in check and avoid the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. 3. Thoughtful sleep housekeeper. 4. Clear heart rate graph.

VeryFit pro is a mobile application designed and developed by “Smart WearableDevices” . It belongs to the categories of Health and fitness and can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Very fit pro can work on windows and MAC operating system.

VeryFitPro App is a very good app designed for the purpose of basic health care checks and monitoring. It is a very important application that everybody needs to have either on their mobile device or computer system. It is free in the app purchase and very easy to use. It will help keep you in proper health check by helping you to supervise your daily activities like exercise, sleep time, and wake up time and many other things.

If you need information’s on how to install veryFit pro app on your computer system, then this write up is for you. Make sure you read this article to the end. It will prevent you from having installation problems during the cause of installation.

Things to know about VeryFitPro Application:

  1. Withy veryFitPro you will be able to record every period more accurately and precisely.
  2. Never take the risk of missing every moment of information’s such as SMS, emails, calls and other useful reminders.
  3. Do ensure to always clear the heart rate graph.
  4. It can be used with multiple devices.
  5. Always carry out checks time to time.
  6. Its most recent updated version is version 3.1.0

Features of VeryFitPro Application:

Take a look at this list and see by yourself the unique features it provides:

Configuration: VeryFitPro App will enable you to configure differents units of readings or measurements into different mass and weight system.

Cost: Very fit pro application is free in the App purchase, users do not need to pay to download or unlock its features.

Tools: With different dynamic tools you will be able to carry out different test like a professional

Filters and Frames: It has a lot of fascinating filters and frames that makes it  look very  nice to use.


  • You can change picture format to any format of your choice.
  • Save immediately after use or set to AUTO SAVE mode on your task bar. You either do the saving or allow your system do it for you routinely.
  • VeryFitPro App supports the use of different languages
  • You can choose any among the preconfigured sports with no stress.
  • With VeryFitPro App, you can change the period of your stride in every steps that have been taken just for the purpose of estimation in the non-availability of external GPS.


  • Users can set for themselves goals to be achieved with any period of time for consistency and better improvement and can also see by themselves the level of height they have reached so far.
  • Before installing this app probably on your mobile always check for the version of veryfitpro for pc because it can only function on IOS devices and Android device version of 4.4 and above.
  • You can also adjust the heart rate zones including the length of pulsations that could not be attained.

How to Download and install Very Fit Pro App on your system:

There might be series of web sites that will surely offer you to download and install very fit pro aplication directly from their website however, only a few of them are trusted and I wouldn’t want you to fall for their trap and since you don’t want to just make sure you follow the principles in this article carefully. You should also know that there is no specialized version for personal computers. The only way of downloading this software application is by downloading the Android version and launch it on your system. Yes! It is possible. All you will need is an Android emulator. We’ll  guide you through on how to achieve that successfully below.

Price: Free
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  • VeryFitPro Screenshot
  • VeryFitPro Screenshot
  • VeryFitPro Screenshot
  • VeryFitPro Screenshot

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator “is an hardware or a software that gives access to one computer to act like another computer system” It could be said to be the inter connection between the user called the host and the guest. In this aspect I will define an Emulator to be an application that enables personal computers users such as desktop and laptop to successfully run Android applications such as mobile games on their system.  Emulator has been in use since the 1980’s and still very much in use now.

Examples of Android Emulators include:

  1. NOX App player
  2. Bluestacks emulator
  3. Memu Emulator
  4. KO player Android emulator
  5. Bliss OS
  6. Android studio emulator
  7. Prime OS
  8. Genymotion emulator
  9. Archon emulator
  10. Remix OS emulator.

The above are the most widely used types of emulators. But for the purpose of this write up. I will recommend Bluestacks emulator and Nox App player because they are the very best set of emulators one can have in his/her system.

How to Download  VeryFit pro App on your system using Bluestacks Emulator:

The name ‘Bluestacks’ is not a new name for those that have been running Android apps on their system but for the first timers. Bluestacks is the most widely and most common among all other emulators because of its uniqueness. And to run this app successfully on your PC you need to download the latest version of Bluestacks on your system.

You can easily download Bluestacks from your playstore or App store. After downloading, launch the application and you will see an Android UI displayed on your screen.

Now here is how to download VeryFitpro App on your system with Bluestacks.

A Quick Recap:

i. Download and install Bluestacks emulator

ii. Launch Bluestacks emulator after installation.

iii. Using the search box displayed on the screen: search for Veryfitpro App.

iv. On the search result click on Veryfitpro icon.

v. Download and install.

vi. The download process will be complete in just about a minute or two if you have a good internet connection.

vii. After a successful installation, launch the application.

You do not need to watch any Youtube tutorial on how to install this app on your computer system. If you can follow this simple procedure you won’t have to waste data on that.


What can I do with veryfitpro for?

Veryfitpro can also be used to estimate personal datas and the consumption of caloric based on age and weight. It is very easy to operate and use. VeryFitPro will help monitor and estimate the quality of sleep and provide the information’s to you when you wake up from sleep.

Why is the App not opening?

If you are having issues trying to open the app on your system or phone you will definitely be worried why it is not opening. To answer your question I will say that it is because your phone or system is too choked with important information’s like photos, videos, documents, eBooks, applications, mails etc. which end up causing a serious storage problem on your device and shortage of storage space is one of the reasons why an App will refuse to open on your system. You can correct this by freeing up some space in your file manager.

Hope it does not consume Battery life faster?

Surprisingly,  It does not consume battery life faster.


I feel very glad to describe the methods and procedures of how to install VeryFItPro App for Windows, MAC computer system , if in case you come across any problem during the cause of installation or after installation let us know through the comment section.  We will guide you through.

 Let us know if this write up post is helpful through the comment section. Thank you.

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