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Features of VPN Master


Bypass Internet Filters

Users are able to bypass internet filters in countries where governments have restrictions on the use of social media. Americans abroad can access apps regional apps when abroad with no limitations. You will be able to unblock your favorite games, apps, and websites at any time. 


No username, password or registration required to install VPN Master on PC, they however, will ask or a payment method and give you 14 days trial after which you can graduate to a paying customer.


VPN the master will have better speed than the normal proxy network since sometimes servers available are not optimal. You will be able to access movies and music anywhere even during travel. 


You can access sites that are in other countries that you can access USA USA only site eg. Streaming movies on Hulu.

Set up Guide        

The system has a very useful guide to help you set up. 

Security and privacy

Uses open VPN protocols. 128-bit encryption. While a free VPN will give you security better than no VPN, the protocols may not be as secure as those of paid VPN. 


Flexibility in payment. There are very many payment modes including bitcoin. In countries using mobile payment, mobile money option can be used. 


It is compatible with major platforms for PC.  It uses a range of protocols to keep the user and the data safe. These include PPTP, open VPN among others. It works with LTE, WIFI, 3G, 4G, and all mobile carriers. 

How to Install 

The software is best downloaded from the official site http://www.vpnmaster.co/ or from the Google app store https://tinyurl.com/y5n46hzs. The setup file may download in Zip format and you will need to extract before installation. You will get a VPN master setup.msi and a txt file. Click on the   MSI.  Upon finishing installation there is an app icon that appears on the desktop.  Clicking the icon will give the installation guide procedure step by step.

How to use 

After downloading you will see the various servers around the world for you to choose from. Select either of the free servers and click on Tap to connect.

Cautions and recommendations


VPN is definitely faster than using the normal proxy or without a VPN. The speed is good may not be as per your expectations there are other VPNs in the market with higher speeds as listed later. However, it performs all the functions of a VPN which include access to geographically restricted content and access to online streaming portals. 


Security is the key reason why people use a VPN. VPN Master is owned by the US which is a member of five eyes, nine eye and fourteen eye countries. The company claims not to store your logs or keep your data and hence alleviate the fears that they could share your data 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

F asked Qustion

What is Open VPN protocol?

Considered as the most secure, highly configurable open-source commercial software used in the implementation of VPN.  It establishes secure communication between clients and servers.

How do I unsubscribe VPN?

You may cancel auto-renewal. You unsubscribe VPN like any other software in Windows or Mac. For windows, you get to control panel, programs, and features, click on VPN Master Logo and unsubscribe. 

What to do when I have a problem with speed?

Several factors can affect the speed of any app.  It is important to ensure you have a current version, the signal strength is good. You may also refresh the list of servers and ensure you have connected to the top server. If the problem is not solved you may send the screenshots to the company for support.

Is Master VPN in all countries?

Currently available in over 40 countries.

Is VPN Master Legal?

Internet laws vary from country to country but it is legal to have VPN in the United States. However, the legality of information transmitted in VPN remains legal if it is legal outside the network and illegal as when it is transmitted through other possible options.

Is VPN Server Safe?

The VPN server has less malware than others. Any VPN should not have malware since its job is to provide security.  This is according to virus total

What is new in the VPN Master?

The latest version has optimized connection speed, minor bugs have been fixed and improved connection rate.

Popular alternatives


Surfshark allows the user to use one account to connect to multiple devices.  It is also very easy to use and has 24-hour support. The software has 15 libraries and goes for $1.99/mo

Express VPN

This VPN is available in over 90 countries. You can use 15 devices at the same time.  The cost is $8.32/mo. The company provides customer support round the clock. It is easy to use and the speeds are great. It has unlimited torrenting


It is a strong open VPN with DNA leak protection. Stealth VPN Obfuscation and kill switch. The software costs 2.50/Mo. has recently done a 3rd party audit. Suitable for unblocking gaming, HD streams, and data-intensive tasks.

Cyber Ghost

Allows one to stream without limitations and bypass geo-restrictions, closedowns and digital censorship. The company supports customers through the live chat. With cyber ghost you are at liberty to choose from over 5600 servers located in 90 countries.

Zen mate

Allows use of up to five different devices. The servers are located in over 30 countries and has over 3000 servers.


Available in over 60 countrie. Has additional features that include malware protection, you can use 6 devices concurrently the software has 7 libraries and goes for $3.49/mo, is easy to installs and ensures incredible speeds. The bandwidth is good for about 10 computers.


There is a growing need for security with increased threats the demand for VPNs will continue to grow. Users will from time to time want to have the best VPN. VPN Master for PC is a good software that you may consider to protect your devices. With this app, you can bypass apps, use public hotspot among other important uses. There are about eight apps from different companies with a similar name VPN Master. This review is only for the app with the green logo and a picture of the Key which is a free service. The other app has various payment options from monthly, quarterly to annual.

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