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WhatsApp for PC
whats app for pc

Name: WhatsApp

Description: One of the most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp. If you haven't used this app yet or used it on your smartphone, good news for you, you can use the app on your PC as well. No type of emulator needs to be used for PC use. Anyway, I will give you some information about WhatsApp in this article which you may need.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Application Category: Social

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  • Interface
  • Features
  • Performance
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Key Features

  • Share Location
  • Audio And Video Calling
  • Reduce Data Usage
  • Good Performance
  • Stories
  • Groups
  • Delete Sent Messages


  • User Friendly
  • Email Chatting
  • GIF
  • Ads Free
  • Availability
  • Supports Siri
  • Imports Contacts


  • Calling Limitation
  • File Size limitation
  • Contact Number Required
  • No Sign Out Option



WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot

WhatsApp for PC lets you send or receive messages for free over your mobile phone and PC. It is also available on almost all platforms’ mobile devices, such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows. Your device only needs an internet connection. In addition to sending or receiving messages, you can send or receive audio and video messages.

‎WhatsApp Messenger
‎WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free
  • ‎WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • ‎WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • ‎WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • ‎WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • ‎WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot


Free to use: There is no charge for sending messages or calls using WhatsApp. You can always connect with close people or friends only through an internet connection.

File Sharing and more: You can share different types of files, such as images, video files, different types of documents, etc. You can also make video calls and send and receive voice messages.

Group chat: You can create groups with friends or family members in different circles you know. You can also group chat with them.

End-to-End Encryption: Messages you send and receive in Whatsapp are protected. No one will be able to read or access your messages beyond the people you have contacted. WhatsApp can’t even see your chats.

WHATSAPP Web: You can use WhatsApp’s WHATSAPP web option to transmit messages to your PC using your phone.

Chat Around the World: Using this app you can connect with anyone you expect from anywhere in the world. And it does not require any extra payment, only if there is a net connection.

Just need a phone number: WhatsApp does not require any email address, user name, password or PIN number of any kind. Only the phone number on your device is sufficient.

Always logged in: There is no hassle with logging in or logging out. Once you’ve logged in to WHATSAPP, no matter where you are, no messages will be missed.

Offline Messages: If for some reason you miss notifications or messages or your phone goes off, no problem! WHATSAPP saves your notifications or messages.

More: You can share your location with your friends, share contacts, set wallpapers, set notification words, send the same message to multiple contacts, and more.

Install for PC

Download Link for Windows Or, Mac

You can use WhatsApp on your PC by following the instructions below.

  • Visit the WhatsApp site https://www.whatsapp.com/.
  • Access the download page and download and install WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Once the app has been installed, go to the Start menu and click on WhatsApp Desktop.
  • A QR code will be displayed when the app is launched.
  • Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.
  • Click the button to look like three dots from the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • A menu will appear. Click the WhatsApp Web. Then, a screen similar to Camera Mode will show which usage QR code to scan.
  • Then, scan your PC’s QR code using your phone.
  • Now, the WhatsApp desktop app is connected to your account and can send and receive messages from your PC.

Install for Android

  • Open PlayStore and search for WhatsApp.
  • Click on Install.
  • Provide your phone number.
  • Click Next to request a code.
  • Provide the 6-digit code that you receive via SMS.

How to Use

To create a group:

It’s easy to create a group on WhatsApp. You can create groups by following the procedure below:

  • First, go to the CHATS tab.
  • Click on More options and go to New group.
    • Also, click on New Chat and go to New Group.
  • Then select the contacts you want to add to your group. And click the green arrow.
  • And then, supply the subject of the group. This will be the name of the group that members of this group will be able to see. This name cannot exceed 25 words.
  • You can also add emoji to your group.
  • You can select the icon for your group by clicking the Camera icon. You can use the camera to select icons or take images from the gallery. The icon appears on your CHATS tab. Finally, click the green checkmark.



Spike is a collaboration tool that is a dialog based email application. This is a great app for WhatsApp alternative to group-based chat. Unlike WhatsApp, it does not require providing a personal phone number. You can use it by providing your email address. You can quickly create a group and add other Spike users. All members of the group can read real-time messages. In the free basic version you can create only ten groups. Make video calls on Spike. It prioritizes the security of users’ messages, so automatically uses the AES-256 encryption method. This communication tool can be used on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. It is free for personal use, but must be subscribed to monthly subscriptions paid for commercial use.


Telegram App is a cloud-based service. In addition to mobile, PCs can also send and receive messages and various types of content. One of the great benefits of this app is that you can share numerous large files. Telegram is currently known as a trusted app. They use two encryption protections for security. For personal and group chats, a server-client encryption is used. This method encrypts messages from the sender to the server and later from the server to the recipient. The telegram itself cannot access the contents of the chats, so it can be said that the messages cannot be read by third parties. It gives you free service.


The Hoccer app is unique as a WhatsApp alternative. It can transmit video, pictures, audio recordings, location data and contacts. Files of any size can be sent. It is protected by end-to-end encryption. Phone number or email address is not required to log in. One of the interesting things is that if the app user is within 5 feet of you, you can chat with him and send and receive files. You can use an extra password for security. It’s completely free and doesn’t offer any ads.



F asked Qustion

How to delete everyone’s message?

  • First, open WhatsApp on your device.
  • Then, go to the message you want to delete.
  • Click menu.
  • Go to “Delete Message” and click “Delete for Everyone”.

How to add a participant?

  • First go to the group on your WhatsApp.
  • Click the group subject.
  • Click Add participant.
  • Select a contact to add to the group.
  • Click the green checkmark.

How can a participant be removed?

  • Visit WhatsApp Group.
  • Click the topic of the group.
  • Select the partnership you want to remove, then click the menu.
  • Click REMOVE to Remove.


There are many people like me who prefer to use WhatsApp for PC rather than a mobile device, WhatsApp web is designed for them. It’s easy to install and use on a PC. However, there are a few advantages over mobile than PC.

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