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Ymusic App

Name: Free YouTube music player, streaming

Description: Ymusic app is an app that allows its users to play video in mp3 format. It is associated with youtube do users have full access to all music uploaded on youtube via the ymusic app. Although it has a free version, it has a premium and upper premium version as well.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features

  • Background Youtube video play
  • Easy music search
  • Trending music search feature
  • Auto playlist with customizable instructions
  • Beautifully designed UI
  • Customizable equalizers

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Ymusic app allows you to listen to youtube music from youtube videos even when your screen is off. When you play a video and you turn off your screen without pausing or stopping the video, it would keep playing until you manually turn it off. The youtubE Music was developed by Khang.

The app also allows you to listen and download to any song that is on youtube just like when you are using other music players and downloaders like Spotify or Apple music. From this application, you can download the music to your device internal memory not just save for offline play that you can use only within the app even when you have zero internet connection.

Features of the Ymusic App

Background play

This free app for audio streaming enables you to listen to any youtube content whether video or audio without having you leave your device screen on like the official youtube app. This is presently one of the most advisable ways to listen to the music of youtube through.

Data saver and convenience

Once you have your device screen off when listening to the content, it keeps your device from automatically loading content that may play next or that you have set autoplay for.

At this point, it saves 90% of your data and only works with only 10%. It is also absolutely convenient because this way, you can do something else while listening to the content. Youtube red has previously tried to achieve this aim because it prevents videos and other content from loading in the background but it comes at a free, unlike Ymusic which is free. You don’t have to exhaust your data using youtube.

YMusic app

Beautifully designed interface and working mechanism

Ymusic presently works with numerous youtube videos and mp3s for free. It works with a Jockey player which is one of the best super powerful in lightweight players there is. Ymusic allows you to download content ranging in the formats provided which include MP3, WebM, MP4 amongst many others. The interface is available for customizable, it provides you with about 81 colors to choose from. It also makes it comfortable for you to customize equalizers, home screen widgets, and your own personal playlists.

Jockey Player

This is an amazing lightweight music player that works with ymusic. It automatically gets the artist images, descriptions, other works because it is integrated with the Last.fm.

The simplicity of the now playing screen has a beautiful outlook and has the options of changing the speed (faster or slower), sleep timer (useful when you want to fall asleep and you want it to automatically switch off itself), changing it to full screen and so many other amazing templates.

Large and Accessible music video library

This feature makes ymusic the best version of youtube so far for music lovers because this way, users don’t have to face the popular youtube problem which is the clickbait problem.

But the amazing thing is that youtube has an uncountable amount of video on their service and if ymusic is connected to it, it means you can access an uncountable amount of content by barely pressing a button. So, there is barely a digital content you are looking for that you would not find.

 Recommendations based on location

Based on the fact that Google uses your google account to track a variety of things, you can as well let Ymusic generate recommendations based on your cookies, previous searches, and physical location.

When the mobile app detects that you are in a situation or a mood, it would recommend genres in line with what you are passing through. For example, if you are going to the gym, it could recommend inspirational and motivational playlists. 

What’s new on the latest version of YMusic?

The latest version of Ymusic is version 2.8 and these are the new improvements made on the app;

  • Fixed crashing issues
  • Fixed 403 error issue
  • Fixed the nothing is playing issue
  • Fixed a critical memory leak
  • New supported languages (Japanese and Greek has been added) 

How to download and install Ymusic(for android)

As an amazing app associated with Youtube, it is backed by google play store so it can be found over there or by following these steps;

  • Open the google play store app on your android smartphone, If you don’t have an account, sign in with your Gmail account.
  • In the search box of your google play store account, type  YMusic and you would be show lots of options. Be sure to download the one that has the ymusic logo.
  • It may automatically install itself but if not then manually install it and explore your Ymusic app.

This is not Currently available in Google Play store policy. Please check it from their official Website – https://ymusic.io/

YMusic app Downloader

How to use & Download

How to activate Premium Ymusic

  • Download the Ymusic app 
  • You can use it for free
  • For Premium features please buy the premium version

How to get the premium version for free

  • You don’t need to use any mod version of the app
  • you can easily download the premium devloped version from gitbub – https://github.com/marverenic/Jockey
  • Bundle it and use for free.

How to play music using the background play feature

  • Launch the Ymusic app, you will see the interface of the music player and you would be provided with the music features. Tap on the search online option which is located at the top right corner of the app. 
  • Here, you would get all the content regarding the keyword you have entered nad you would be allowed to access them at that point. Keyword could be what you want to know, learn or listen to. For example, a keyword could be how to love (lil wayne) or mockingbird by Eminem. 
  • Tap or click on any of the search results to start playing music, you would be able to see the video thumbnail and the music would play along. After you have done this, you have you can now lock the screen or drag down your notification box. This would enable you to be able to control the music that is being played. It would show you the option of going to the next, pause or previous, you can increase or decrease music volume as well. 

How to download music using Ymusic

  • You can also download the music that is being played,  the icon would be made available. The interface is very easy and straightforward to use, even for beginners so you would not have problems locating the download icon.
  • Tap on the small download icon on the ymusic app interface. The icon would be visible when a music you have selected starts to play. Click on the quality with which you would want your download in. here, you have to choose while putting into consideration your internet connection network and how much space you have left on your device.
  • The, choose the number of threads and the location you would like for the download and select ok 
  • All the downloaded music files would then be present in the Ymusic created by your device in your internal storage. You can open the downloaded music file with any audio or video player, it does not necessarily have to be played with the Ymusic player you have downloaded with.
  • If you choose playing with the Ymusic player and it plays for a very long time, you may be asked to turn off your data saver or battery optimization. The easiest thing to do is to click on the small gear icon (this is what turns off the data saver and battery optimization). Click on Got it  when you’re done.  

How to download install for pc and mac

There is no pc version of the ymusic app, you would have to download using android emulator. The android emulator treats your pc like an android phone so you would be able to run android apps and game sn your pc with a wider screen.

  • Download Bluestacks from the official Bluestacks website and install it on your pc. Launch it and open it.
  • Right click on it and secret the open with the option, browse to the Bluestacks to download the ymusic app or drag and drop the apk from your pc into your home screen.
  • After you have done this, install and click to run and you have it!
  • If blusestacks does not work for you, this is unlikely but you could try other android emulators like Nox App Player or Andy. Either of this would work for you.
  • When you launch the ymusic app on your pc, for some reason, Bluestacks might ask you to pay, ignore this and select install app so you can keep using the app for free.
  • You would be able to set your keys in Bluestacks and assign a specific key to a specific location like tilt, hit, sweep, down, left etc.

App for iPhone

Unfortunately, the Ymusic app has been removed from the apple store although it supports iOS.


Is there a free youtube music app?

Youtube is available to download for free unless you want to subscribe to the premium app. But, the free version is available for use as long as you need.

Is it possible to download music from youtube?

Yes, if you are a paid subscriber to youtube music, you would have the ability to download music for offline listening not file download on the mobile app on Android or iPhone/iPad.

Is Ymusic associated with youtube?

Yes, ymusic is also known as youtube music and the music you get from ymusic are song associated from the official youtube platform.

YMusic For PC


Apple music

Appli music is indeed very similar to the ymusic app, individual plans are just $9.99 and family plans are at $14.99. you could get personal recommendatttions from people who know and love similar music like you.


This is a commercial music streaming app that is very similar to apple music as well. It allows you to narrow your search  to album, genre, artists, record label and many more. Ikt also alwlows you to see mor similar music which you might end up liking.


This is an online based music streaming servce that allows you as a user to listen to musical content fromreeecord label like Sony, universal music group, young money, warner mjusic group and many others.

Google play music

This service is mainly available for people that have and use their google account. Its you upload your music collection and access it instantly on the web or with any compatible device you log into.

Pandora radio

This is a free but ad supported internet radio that supports high quality streaming and works with Pandora one desktop. If you want to subscribe to the premium version it costs $4.99 per month.

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There is the free version of the ymusic app but it is not as cool as using the premium app because you may not be able to download tracks or make use of your background play. It will allow you i to play specific songs and skip to the next song in a list as many times as   you would like to however, it is not as real as the youtube red substitute and it is not integrated into youuutube.

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